Saturday, November 17, 2018

He always hears and listens...

As I look back on my six decades of life I can see so many answers to prayer. Sometimes the answer to a prayer came quickly. Sometimes I prayed for years and years and years and then, finally, the answer came. There are some prayers I'm still praying but I've yet to see an answer. When I pray the same deep heart cry prayer for years, and even decades, without a visible answer, I'm ashamed to say that I sometimes lose focus on all of the answered prayers and begin to wonder if God is still listening to me.

This morning, during my devotions I read the portion of scripture in John chapter eleven when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. Before He spoke the life-giving words, "Lazarus, come forth!" Jesus prayed to His Father. He thanked the Father for always hearing and listening to Him. He didn't say, "Father, please listen to me. I'm begging you to hear my prayers. This is a desperate situation. Lazarus has died. Please, please, please listen to me, hear my prayers, and help me to raise Lazarus from the dead." I'm pretty sure that's what my prayer would have sounded like under the circumstances.    (Join me for the rest of this post on Sunday, November 18th, at Woman to Woman Ministries where each Sunday I share a bit of Sunday Soul Food!)

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