Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Lord goes before you...

Life is always changing. None of us can predict what will be around the next bend on life's journey.   One of the best things about growing older is being able to look back and see how the Lord went before you, paving and preparing the way when you couldn't see what was up the road ahead. With the hindsight that the passing of time affords, I can clearly see that there was never a bend in the road of my life that God didn't see coming. He was always in front of me making preparations for what I would need for the next part of the journey.
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  1. I was thinking similar thoughts this week. We can always have confidence in Him! Holy security is better than social security any day!

    1. I love that! Holy security is better than social security any day! I needed those words.

  2. Whatever each day brings, it is good to trust in the Lord!

  3. Such a great reminder: He prepares the way. Thank you!


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