Thursday, May 10, 2018

Friday Faves...Easy Potato Salad Recipe

It's the time of the year for picnics, barbecues and all manner of gatherings with friends and family. This week we had a barbecue with our small group from church and I made a potato salad to go with the hamburgers and baked beans. It's always a big hit. I learned to make potato salad from watching my mama make hers, so it's more a method than an exact recipe.  For your benefit, I actually measured the ingredients as I made it this time and am sharing my simple recipe here.
Easy Potato Salad Recipe
Cover 10-11 medium sized russet potatoes with water in a large soup or stock pot and boil until fork tender.
Drain the boiling water and let the potatoes cool for a few minutes.
The peel should then come off easily with a paring knife.
Cut potatoes up into chunks.

Hard boil 6 eggs by bringing them to boil in a covered saucepan. 
Once water comes to boil turn off heat and leave the eggs in the covered pan of water for 10 minutes.
When ten minutes is over, immediately run cold water over the eggs.
Peel eggs and cut into small chunks.

In a large mixing bowl mix together:
1 cup good mayonnaise
2 tablespoons mustard
1/4 cup dill pickle juice
4 good sized dill pickles, diced
1/4 medium onion grated finely

Add potatoes and eggs to the mixing bowl and gently stir.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Garnish with parsley or paprika for a touch of color.

Cover and chill until serving time.

Have a HAPPY Friday
a safe and Blessed weekend!



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  1. yUm.
    dill pickle juice .. that's a new one to me.
    one that i'll for sure try! thank you..
    i love the menu: burgers, potato salad, baked beans ♥


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