Thursday, December 1, 2016

Accessible God...

When our youngest grandson was born I decided to keep our decades old fragile ceramic nativity set packed away.  I purchased this child's wooden nativity set because I wanted it to be accessible for our grandson to touch. I wanted him to be able to handle these symbols of the reason for the season as we read and talked about the in real life events they represented.

In the best news that ever was or ever will be, God was made accessible to you and I when Christ was born. He is "Immanuel", God with us.  The thought is mind boggling.  The Creator of all that we see, the One Who had no beginning and has no end, the Holy, Perfect, Righteous God became flesh and blood, became one of us, so that He could be with us and we could be with Him.

As I journey through this Advent season, culminating in the celebration of Christ's birth on Christmas Day, I want this season to be more than just a time to rejoice that on a set day in human history, in the fullness of time in God's eternal plan, His Son was born as a human baby.  I want this season to be a celebration that He is God with me in my here and now, in the everydayness of my ordinary life.  I want to experience His nearness in my reality, in the early morning quiet with my cup of coffee and Bible and in the busyness of my day as a ministry wife, mama and nana.  Yes, Christ came at a specific time in history, but He is still coming, still showing up in my here and now.  I want to be more aware of that this advent season.  I want to be accessible to the presence of the One Who became accessible for me.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    The Nativity image in your post reminds me of my new favorite gift for families with children this year! It's called Star from Afar. You may want to stop by their site to see it ♥ It looks much like yours, but includes an activity where you hide the star each night. The children find the star and then put the little wooden wise men near it. Each day of Advent you continue this and then on Christmas, you put the star on the Nativity and the wise men find the baby Jesus there. It comes with a beautiful book, too, to tell the story.

    I'd like to invite you to join me at my #MomentsofHope Link-up each Monday, too. I'd love to see your messages of hope contributed there♥
    Blessings and smiles,

    1. Thank you! I'm away from my computer but will do so when I'm back home!

    2. This idea reminds me of a story shared by a visiting pastor several years ago. His mother put the three wise men in the far corner of the house when she set up the nativity set. Each day she moved them a little closer until they 'appeared' at the manger on Christmas morning when the children got up. Such a cute idea.

  2. Your message gives a better perspective on Advent and the Christmas season. Too often, we hear the Christmas story (as may have been my experience) coming up to Christmas, and then life resumes after the holidays, and somehow move on without Jesus. Not all, but in the busyness of life, I sometimes had. Since 2014, I have made it a goal not to anymore, but your post makes me rethink how the nativity and story could have new meaning with not leaving it as only the birth of Jesus. You always have a way of making me think about things in your posts. :) Enjoyed reading.


  3. Thank you so much! May God's nearness be your portion this season.

  4. "He is my here and now." Yes, I want to remember that too, Elizabeth. Blessings on your Friday, friend!

  5. This post brings so much Peace. I just love it! Thank you~

  6. Your nativity set is perfect for your young grandkids. When our son was two Simplicity patterns came out with a pattern for a stuffed nativity set of characters. I used little bits of fabric and yarn and carefully stuffed each one so our little boy could play with the set each year. My sweetheart built a stable out of cedar scraps and our two children played with them for many years. There were many 'fights' over who was going to 'put Baby Jesus to bed at night' and the characters are still at my house - a bit tattered and well-loved. I plan to do a bit of mending and fixing this year so the camel and sheep will stand up again! I'd love to pass it along to my youngest granddaughter so she can enjoy the Christmas story in ways her daddy did when he was her age.


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