Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blue hour, Victoria B.C. inner harbor...

Just quickly popping in to let you know I'm alive and well!  All summer it seems I made an unpremeditated decision to put time enjoying family, friends and in real life experiences over spending time keeping up with my usual blogging schedule.  I think I've made the right choice.  

Meanwhile, capturing blue hour is one of my favorite photography challenges, so I'm sharing some blue hour photos from our time in Victoria, British Columbia.  Enjoy!

still following,


  1. The blue hour is so captivating and your photos are perfect.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm ready to head north and see Victoria (again) for myself! Do you want to give me photography lessons?

  3. Elizabeth,
    Wow...So beautiful! thanks for sharing :-)

  4. You did make the right choice...but we miss you!!! You captured it perfectly. WOW!!! Enjoy yourself.
    God Bless~

  5. Praying for a blessed time for you & your loved ones. Enjoy your time together. Life is definitely meant to be enjoyed & embraced!


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