Sunday, June 12, 2016

A rather large amount of gratitude...

It's our sweet oldest granddaughter's thirteenth birthday today! That sweet baby girl with a smile that lit up a room is a teenager whose smile is just as full of warmth and sweetness today as it was then!  How did the time zoom by so fast?  

In our sin-twisted world, while we celebrated our granddaughter's birthday today, we are also grieved by another senseless, horrible mass killing, this time in Orlando.  It's paralyzing, this helpless feeling, this seeing our world groaning under sin's sway and not knowing quite how to respond.  All I know to do is to keep overcoming evil with good in my own life and sphere of influence and to keep praying for our nation and world and obeying anything God shows me to do.  

Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks
piling up gratitude day by day
in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)


-starting the book of Acts with She Reads Truth
-a really fun day on the zoo field trip with my grandsons
-some annoying business to-dos taken care of
-a flat of fresh local berries to make into jam

-my granddaughter so happy to have "nana school"
-making jam together 
-Acts chapter two-"diffused with the Holy Spirit...diffused with joy" in the Amplified Bible
-visiting with my oldest and youngest daughters when I dropped my granddaughter back home

-waking up early and enjoying a slow morning
-cleaning out the garage and funny texts with my girls about getting rid of stuff
-a nice evening walk with my hubs
-making raspberry jam
-writing time

-a sweet time in the Word and Prayer
-a little craft time, making a pennant garland
-a walk before it rained
-an encouraging meeting
-my hubs telling me I'm beautiful

-my favorite tomato basil soup on this rainy day
-watching an old movie with my husband and munching on good old fashioned stove top popcorn
-this nice relaxing day of with my husband

-spending the day with our youngest grandson

-his hugs and kisses
-getting chores and baking done while he napped
-a new firepit for our backyard
-getting fun texts of our oldest granddaughter's birthday slumber party
-dinner at Hula Boy with our son-in-law and grandsons

-our granddaughter's 13th birthday
-God working
-good conversation and prayer 
-a family birthday party 

still following,


  1. In the wake of such terrible tragedy, we are reminded once again what really is important in life. In an uncertain world, we can cling to His word. We know that despite evil in our world, the light will continue to shine forth. We can take peace & comfort in knowing that evil will be overcome & victory will reign forever!

    You have such beautiful blessings in your life! I really enjoy seeing pictures of your grands growing up. Praying blessings on you & all of your family.

    1. I really am clinging to the Word, to prayer, to the peace that passes all understanding, in these uncertain times.

  2. Tragedy strikes again in this weary, broken world. How grateful I am for all of ways that God reminds me of His goodness and love - in the faces of my family, in the comfort of friends, in the shadow of His cross, in the resounding victory of the empty tomb.


    1. Amen, Sharon. I am beyond grateful that Jesus is our steadfast foundation in these shakey times!

  3. We know we can't control what goes on in the world we live in but we can make a big difference in 'our' world! Your granddaughter is beautiful! What a sweet young lady she has become. It's exciting to see how God has blessed us with grandkids!

    1. Adrienne, our world definitely seems to be spiraling out of control. Oh, how we need Jesus!

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