Thursday, May 26, 2016

Friday Faves...using demijohns in decor

Give me a movie or television show featuring a lovely home and I will somehow keep up with the movie plot while scanning the background to observe the decor details. I've also been known to zoom in on blog or instagram photos to see more closely the items people use in shelf decor or vignettes. Demijohns, the bottles used to hold wine or olive oil, (often encased in wicker), are items I see used in decor frequently. So I went hunting for some.
They can be pricey! I was happy to find my two vintage ones, the one on the left and the one in the middle, inexpensively at local antique stores.  Both had wicker on them, but I prefer them without, so I took it off. The bottle on the right is a newer bottle, not vintage, but it was the right color and shape and perfect to make a grouping of three.
I gathered the group of demijohns together on an old french bread cooling tray that I had hanging on the wall in our former home.  In our new to us house, I haven't found the perfect spot to hang it, but am pleased with how it looks here on the dining room table.  A cotton stem purchased at a local antique store and my vintage scale topped with a succulent plant in a clay pot complete my demijohn vignette.  

Well, it's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
and a safe and BLESSED weekend!


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  1. I love Demijohns and that cutting board collection is to die for!!!

  2. Elizabeth, you've given me some food for thought. I did not know the name of these or that they are used as d├ęcor items and I have three of them! I'm off to dig them out. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Beautiful...I get really tired of moving my centerpieces off the table every day when we eat, so then I get lazy and don't put anything there for a while.

    1. Since it's just the two of us we either it at the breakfast bar or push the centerpiece down a ways.

  4. Oh, dear friend, I'm afraid you need to stop finding new - and fun - things! I find myself wanting to go out and find some for my home, too! I do love what you've done with your new finds and I think your cooling tray is the perfect place for them.

  5. I love your trio of demijohns Elizabeth. Having the different sizes makes for a perfect vignette. Great finds!!
    Thanks for sharing them at Shabbilicious Friday this week. I' delighted to be featuring your demijohns at tomorrow's party.
    Hugs, Kerryanne


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