Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Father's hands...

One of my first hazy memories is of my Daddy holding my little brother and me,
one of us in each of his hands.
As a little girl, I was convinced that Daddy was the handsomest and strongest man in the world.
When I was a bit older, Daddy got sick with ulcers and was in bed and on a special diet for a while.
My illusions of him being strong and invincible were challenged.
When I was nine, and Daddy left Mama and us kids for another woman and her kids, 
all of my faith and trust in him was shattered.

Through the years and decades, how often have I longed for someone strong enough to hold me up in his hands?
The little girl in me never stopped longing for a father she could count on.

As a young mama, I remember being in the kitchen, mopping the floor.
It was the Saturday before Father's Day.
The longings for a father I could count on bubbled up from my heart,
and spilled out in tears from my eyes.
Then I heard His voice speak to my heart,
the voice of the Father who always was, always has been, always will be,
faithful, true and strong.
He reminded me of how He had always been there when my Daddy wasn't,
and He reminded me that He always will be.

There's nothing like knowing you're in good hands,
loving hands, strong hands, that have always been there for you and always will be.

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  1. Elizabeth, love your open, honest post. I so agree with you, Jesus completes me in every way, I'm an Elizabeth, too ❤️

  2. So sorry you had to suffer that loneliness into adulthood, but so thankful that you can look back and know that our Heavenly Father has always been with you.....and always will be.

  3. Such a personal account of heart break and then heart healing. God bless you for letting Him do the work in you. The body of Christ benefits from your sharing. Glad to have met you at the Weekend Brew.

  4. Well, Elizabeth, as usual, you did a wonderful way of sharing. And, as usual, I love the photo and the Word. Thank you much. Blessings...

  5. Yes, His right hand has been holding you ... beautifully written, your longing for your daddy feels through your lines, together with the soothing from the Lord ... He is faithful and knows us so well!
    Blessings to your Sunday,

  6. We are in capable hands with God and your reminder today is perfect. There are too many like you who long for their own father's hands to pick them up, love them and lead them. Praying for all who have lost a father for any reason. Blessed you shared this with Barbie and I at The Weekend Brew.

  7. So thankful that God is the strong and faithful Father to us all, and especially to those who have been disappointed by their earthly fathers. What great love he shows us by calling us his children! I'm reminded to be thankful for the wonderful example my own father has been of God's love, and that my husband is such a godly father as well. I know that both of them do it in the strength of the Heavenly Father. :-)

  8. So very beautiful words. I miss my dad many times. I know, too, that comfort from the Heavenly Father is so very important. Always and forever.

  9. In God's hands - the very best place to be!


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