Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pom Pom Wreath how to and a few Valentine touches...

Whenever I return home from traveling, I always come back in nesting mode.  
Sometimes I'm still unpacking suitcases while I'm simultaneously 
changing the centerpiece on my dining room table, or rearranging things on my shelves or mantel.

When we got back from last week's trip to Missouri,
I came home ready to add a few Valentine touches around the house.
What I wasn't ready to do was to put away my homemade pom pom wreath that I made before Christmas.
It's one of my most favorite craft projects I've ever done,
and I'm proud that it's every bit as plush and luxurious feeling as Anthropologie's very spendy pom pom wreath.

{To make a Pom Pom wreath-
I learned this from my friend, Jill Hinson.
I've seen this yarn at JoAnn's fabric as well as at Walmart.
I bought a pom pom maker and ended up returning it when I found out that making the pom poms 
using the hand method worked better for me.
(Here's a you tube video link on making pom poms using your hand.
With the Thick and Quick Yarn I used four fingers and wrapped the yarn around 40x per pom pom.)
It will take about 4 skeins of yarn to make a nice, full, large wreath.
Then I hot glued the pom poms to a wreath form.
I started by gluing a pattern of two pom poms side by side,
then one pom pom centered between the two 
working my way all around the front of the wreath in that pattern.
Then I filled in the outside and inside edges.
This gave the look of the pom poms being randomly placed instead of in rows.}

Anyway, I decided to leave the wreath up and to add some other simple Valentine touches to my mantel, including the simple "I love you a bushel and a peck" banner I made a couple of years ago.

Next,  I traded my crocks of winter branches and pinecones for the boxwood topiaries,
and hung some galvanized hearts from the branch above the mirrored window and I was done.
Simple and easy!

 Are you starting to think about Valentine's Day yet?

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  1. I LOVE your touches of Valentine's Day! Seeing your pom-pom wreath is great - but having a chance to touch it and feel how wonderfully soft it is today was just about the best treat! No, I haven't started Valentine decoration, but you've inspired me so I think I'll get busy soon.

    1. A few pops of red and voila! Nothing elaborate needed!

  2. Your style is just beautiful and that wreath is going to be my next project. :)

    1. Sarah, I can't wait to see it. I hope you come back and let me know how it turned out.

  3. I love your mantel, Elizabeth, especially the pom-pom wreath! I'd have a hard time putting that away too...I think it's perfect all winter long.
    Mary Alice

  4. AWWWWW! Everything looks so sweet. I love that wreath. I have been thinking about Valentines Day. Every year I host a Valentine Tea Party for two of my granddaughters and their closest friends ( all of the mamas are invited too). It is a lot of fun.


  5. Beautiful mantel, Elizabeth. Do you remember where you got the galvanized hearts?

    1. Marilyn, I got the galvanized hearts at IKEA a couple of years ago at Christmas time.

  6. I love all the different pieces you put together which makes your mantle beautiful. I have to try the wreath. Thanks for the instructions....

    1. Nancy, it's easy to do, and I found that making the pom poms was relaxing to me. I hope you come back by and let me know how your wreath turned out!

  7. Oh, you'd hate to see my house, Elizabeth. ha. I'm so deficient in the decorating gene. My mother was good about changing out knick-knacks, etc., for each holiday and making our home so festive. But alas, I do less and less, especially now that my kids are gone. Christmas is the only holiday now that gets official decorations. So I'll just enjoy YOUR pretty decorations instead. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lisa, everyone has "their thing". I'm amazed at how many books you read in a year! Though I love to read, you're miles ahead of me. While I'm fluffing things around the house, you've read have a dozen books!

  8. i'm glad someone is decorating for valentine's day .. that way i can come and admire, ooh, and ahh. why? i have no desire to decorate. none. :/ so thank you!!

    1. Love to you, friend. Light a candle and buy some red or pink grocery store flowers and voila, Valentine decorations!

  9. I really love the texture in the wreath Elizabeth and it adds such a cosy touch to your Valentine decorating. I'm thrilled to be featuring this post at tomorrow's Shabbilicious Friday party.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  10. I love pom poms!! And your wreath is so cute!! Thanks for sharing on Fridays Unfolded!! Featuring you this week :)

  11. AWWWWW! everything looks so sweet!! hugs, angie from germany


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