Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer centerpiece...

In the summer I seem to lose my will to work.
Just keeping up with the normal chores at home takes firm resolve.
When the weather is fine I get restless. 
I find myself gathering up grandkids for a swim in the river,
or wandering the fresh produce market 
wondering why the hubs doesn't think a supper of cold, juicy watermelon is an adequate meal.
I've caught myself dreamily searching the internet for vacation cottages on the coast of Maine
and daydreaming about driving a convertible down the coastal highway all the way from Oregon to San Diego.
My point?
Summer is not my most productive time of year.

So, a simple summer centerpiece that takes no work at all is just my cup of tea.
The hubs brought me home some freesia yesterday. (Happy wifey!)
I placed the freesia in a hobnail milk glass vase that I found at the Goodwill some time back.
(Most of my hobnail milk glass has been purchased at the good old GW.)

Next I placed some sea shells in a milk glass candy dish.

Last, but not least, I added my favorite Citrus Vanilla candle from World Market.
(I always watch for sales and for the email coupons I get from World Market.)

My centerpiece sits atop a favorite bread board with a homespun style kitchen towel underneath.
Easy Peasy!

 So, does anyone else out there get summertime lazy-itis?

still following,


  1. You have such a way of displaying simple things beautifully. Love the centerpiece.

  2. I don't know if it is merely lazy for me. It is indeed a laziness, but mine rises (or falls as it were) to a case of the pure out doldrums. It's so hot here that just t walk to the car makes you sweat. It's just no fun to be creative in the summer time. August will be worse than July, too.

    I do love your simple centerpiece.

    1. Maybe that's why I seem to have the summer lazys so much more this summer. It's been a hot one here in Oregon, where we usually get rain til after the fourth of July.

  3. Summer isn't my most productive time around the house either. I'd rather be in the garden! :) Cute centrepiece!

    1. Thank you, Lynda! Yes, I'd rather be outdoors enjoying the summer than indoors cleaning and doing projects.

  4. Elizabeth, I am happy that you feel like just doing whatever this summer. That is what God wants you to do. Maybe that is why He made this season.

    We have been working way too hard this summer.....lots of yard work, etc. BUT I AM declaring August a month to relax and just sit outside and read some books, take some walks down by the river, a couple of camping trips coming up, etc. etc. I hope we can do it because the summer is getting away from us fast. :-)

    Love you,

    1. I hope you do have a relaxing and enjoyable August, filled with fun!

  5. I love your simple summer centerpiece. I have summer-itis so bad I want to move the gorgeous orchid my daughter bought me for Mother's Day to make way for something more summer!

  6. I always enjoy seeing your creative centerpieces, and this one is simply beautiful! As to summer laziness....pretty much. I would rather be lolly-gagging around (as my moma used to say), enjoying lazy summer days than work my brain or body too hard ;)

  7. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Makes me take a deep breath and just go, "Ahhhhhh."



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