Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My real,ordinary, blessed life...

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you may have noticed that I have a normal rhythm to my posts.
Sunday evening I post my Monday gratitude post and list.
Tuesdays I usually post a home decor or project, thrifting, antiquing or cooking related post.
Wednesdays I post some type of writing, prose or poetry, most often about faith or family.
 On Thursdays I post another home decor or project, thrifting, antiquing or cooking type post.
Over the weekend I post a photo with a scripture and an encouraging word or two.
(Occasionally I'll throw in a photo editing post on Texture Tuesdays.)

Bloggers are supposed to have a niche for their blogs.
Faith, Family, Decor, Cooking, Writing, and Photography are all things I regularly post about.
Clearly, I have not chosen a niche,
which is, they say, important to a successful, growing blog.
But, from the beginning I had a method to my madness.

I wanted you, whoever you are, to see the normal, real life of a Jesus follower.
I wanted you to experience with me the things about this life that I love.
I wanted you to see how following Jesus  makes my life better.
Not better, as in I think I'm better than you.
Not better, as in I have more stuff, live in a fancier house, or am richer than you.
(We live in a small, simple home and are definitely not rich.)
But, He makes my ordinary life more contented, as He's taught me to notice and count my blessings.
He makes my real life more beautiful, as He's taught me to notice the beauty all around me,
as well as blessed me with the desire and ability to create beauty in my surroundings.
Following Jesus does not make my life problem or trouble free,
but He does make the problems and troubles more bearable.
I've tried to be honest and transparent about those types of things, too.

All that to say this, today, I have no new home decor or project, nothing I've recently scored at the Goodwill or my favorite antique store, not even a new recipe to share.
Today, I went out to lunch with a friend I haven't sat down and talked to in way too long.
I left our time together strengthened and encouraged.
I don't think I had even realized how much I needed this.

After that I went and picked up our oldest granddaughter and she came over 
while I baked her birthday cake for tomorrow.
She's going to be ten.
The years are zooming by way too fast.

And so, I had neither the time, the inclination, nor even the extra money to dazzle you with something new today.

What I do have, is some photos of my wee, little kitchen, which all you followers have seen before.
And an almost ten year old granddaughter who is very excited about the sparkling juice, 
( made in France...ooo la la), 
that Nana bought, (on clearance at Ross),  to go with her birthday dinner.

What I do have is a real, ordinary, blessed life 
I'm happy you stop in here to share it with me.

still following,



  1. AMEN my friend! I love you, and all of the beauty God has placed in your life!

  2. Writing from the heart is my favorite. :0)

  3. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and heart. And I'm on my way over for coffee. :-)

  4. I have often thought of combining my (too) many blogs into one and organizing posts as you have done here. I'm not sure I could be quite as regimented w/o feeling hemmed in somehow. It probably would be good for me, though....

    I have little to dazzle others with either...but blogging has helped me recognize, "capture", and appreciate the richness of my life--internally AND externally.

    Elizabeth, your transparency delights my heart. So glad you're following Jesus in your everyday life!

    1. I can barely keep up with one blog! Thanks so much for always blessing me with your encouraging words!

  5. Elizabeth, the beauty of your randomness (yay for randomness!) is the way in which you share it--it is truly in the eye of the beholder--you make the simplest things sound lovely-as they are.
    I appreciate you!

  6. I love that you keep your blog diverse and real. None of us are just one thing, right? You're a vibrant, alive, woman of God, and it's reflected in your space here. Thanks for reminding us all that don't have to fit into a niche!

  7. Elizabeth, I love your blog. Your are uplifting every day. Following Jesus really does shine through in your writings and it helps me more than you know.

  8. This is one of the most beautiful posts you've written Elizabeth. It is my heart too. There is nothing like the encouragment of shared hearts...I am sure your friend had a marvellous time with you as well.

  9. This is precisely why I read your blog. I consider yours a "lifestyle blog." ;) And your lifestyle is a great example of a life lived for Christ. :)

    1. Thanks, Gina! You are so kind to stop and comment and encourage me like you do!

  10. What a lovely kitchen! I love the lobster picture, it's great! And you are right, God is in the everyday things, and your post captures that beautifully :)

    1. Thanks Maria! The lobster picture is an old ad from a vintage life magazine.

  11. ... always a joy visiting you.

  12. Elizabeth. . .I love your blog and feel so at home here. Through your writings and pictures of your home, family and the things you love, your love for Jesus shines through. Yours is one blog that I visit almost every day and always receive such an uplifted spirit. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  13. Most of life's routines are ordinary, yet I believe, how we live those ordinary days can have a great impact on the people around us. Your real to life blog has been a blessing to me!
    Mary Alice

    1. Mary Alice, I feel the same way about your blog!

  14. I'd say your blog is in the "worship/antiquing" niche. :-)

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  16. I used to blog so regularly but have really slacked in the last yr. I wanted to blog to show that a girl can follow and love esus and be fun loving and real. I fall and get up I read my bible. I give thanks and oraise him ...and I mess up too. I wanted to be real. But life has gotten crazier. I have 6 grands now. I had a father suffer with Alzgeimers and die. The blog became less a priority and now I just blog when I get the inclination. Ha. Looks like I just blogged here!

    1. Yay! for grandkids! So sorry about your father. I lost both of my parents in the last few years. These later years of our lives are a great and challenging time of life all at once.

  17. I love your beautiful life!! You always post the most amazing stories, at the very moment that I need to hear them. You are such a joy and inspiration to me. I am blessed to know you!! XXOO

  18. Hi Elizabeth! I just found you at WOW and so happy I did. I've subscribed to your email and I'm your newest follower.
    Now I'm going to go thur the rest of your blog,which I love already. You have brought peace to my heart:)


  19. I love the way you share how real life is when we follow Jesus in everyday life! Don't change a thing about your blog - I do think you've found your niche! You just share you and who Jesus is IN you! Happy birthday to granddaughter #1. Love your little kitchen and I loved my recent tour in person.

  20. I'm a first-time visitor to your blog, and I do think you have found your "blogger niche" -- writing from the heart!


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