Friday, June 28, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader...

Oh, how I love the convenience of reading all of my favorite blogs using Google Reader.
As many of you know, Google is discontinuing Reader as of July 1st.
I don't want to lose track of my favorite blogs
I don't want my readers and followers to not be able to find my blog either.

The transition isn't too hard...just pick a reader, the two I recommend are Feedly and Bloglovin'.
I've actually transferred my Google Reader blogs to both of them, 
giving me time to make a decision on which one I like best.

Here's a great blog post from Simple Mom on how to make the transition.

To make sure you can keep following this blog, 
just go to the sidebar and subscribe via email or click on the bloglovin' widget and subscribe there.

still following,


  1. I panicked over the last google change, and I am trying not to get all worked up about this one. I'm hoping that the dash board will still be viable even if google reader isn't.

    As for YOU? I put you on my sideboard long ago so I don't think I'll lose you. Hope not!

    1. You are a sweetheart! I'm trying to adjust to reading my blogs on another reader, but it's just not the same as good old google. Why oh why are they doing this!

  2. I'm on Bloglovin' and I'm not missing one single thing you post, dear friend. I like it - I can still keep up with my favorite blogs.

    1. I'm still learning to navigate both feedly and bloglovin, then will choose my fav. Still mad at Google!

  3. I could not sign up for bloglovin the code was very difficult to navigate. OR the I just wasn't getting it... I tried unsuccessfully three times. I do have feedly signed up.

    1. Sorry for your troubles. It worked fine for me.


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