Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goodwill transferware bowl...

I spied this white and blue transferware bowl on a quick run through of a nearby Goodwill 
and decided not to get it.
I guess I didn't want to wait in the long line or spend $3.99 if I wasn't sure I loved it.

But, when I regretted not getting it the next day, I ran back and it was still there waiting for me.

It's sitting on top of a Goodwill bread board on our dining room table. 
 I bought the bread board sometime last year.

A little pot of Trader Joe's tulips completes this quick and easy spring centerpiece.

Have you ever regretted not buying something and gone back to get it?

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  1. I'm particularly fond of blue and white. You make things look so welcoming.

  2. If we lived just a bit closer, you'd have a treasure-hunting partner!


  3. What a pretty little still life. I've regretted many times because I have to think about things usually. Often I'll go back and the item is gone. The fun thing about random dishes is that you can always put some yummy food in it and give as a gift if you want to. :)

  4. Yes I have, and unlike you it was not there on my return. Absolutely adore the dish and how you've displayed it. Thanks for sharing this really beautiful piece.

  5. I am loving this--the yellow, the green, the blue-- just beautiful!

  6. I've done the same thing. Sometimes it's there - sometimes it's not! Love you bread board (I've been looking for them!), your bowl and, especially, your yellow tulips.

  7. Yes, I have regretted many times walking away and not getting something but I have also bought many times and regretted it...so, it was a good thing to wait.....she was still there just for you.. The plate is lovely and you have displayed well in her new home. Blessings!

  8. I think that was quite a deal for that pretty plate! Love how your using it in that pretty arrangement.
    Mary Alice

  9. Such a pretty bowl! Love that pattern. I've certainly had to go back for things myself. Glad it was waiting for you!

  10. Your centerpiece looks wonderful...and all at such
    bargain prices. I have left a store regretting not buying something, but when that has happened most often the item
    has been bought by the time I go back to get it. Oh well,
    I know there will be more treasures out there to purchase and come home with me...there always are....finding fun items at bargain prices is endless. I love the colors on your bowl....so pretty! Corinne

  11. Beautiful vignette, love your bowl! Yes, I've learned that if I like it, I better get it...learned that the hard way. :)

  12. Elizabeth, I love your bowl! The delicate blue and white is just perfect for upcoming spring, especially with your lovely yellow tulips! I have passed by things in the past to later regret not grabbing them, and it's worse when it was a good price! Thanks for reminding me of shopping at Goodwill. They do have some great things to rummage through. :)

    It's good to know you also love slaw on your BBQ sandwich, too. Haha, I guess it's not just a Southern thing!

  13. Sometimes if I am not sure I will leave the place and wait, if the item is still there when I go back I will get it. UNLESS I love it. Then I will get it on the spot. My motto:
    Do I like it or do I love it?
    Deciding factor on many things.

  14. That is the EXACT pattern my grandma had. I used to spend weekends with G&G and eat cereal out of that bowl. Oh the sweet memories. Thank you.

  15. I love that it was still there waiting just for you.

    It certainly does look beautiful along with your tulips.

    I'm still following too. (love that) God bless, Amy Kinser

  16. What a beautiful piece, Elizabeth! I sold a brown transferware pitcher, and every time I see it in my sold items, I regret it. It was such a great piece, too! I need to find another one!!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!
    Have a lovely weekend!


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