Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friday's Favs...I'm still lovin' it!

Do you remember the great hard boiled egg disaster?
For those of you who aren't long time followers here,
three summers ago I accidentally left the house with a pan of eggs boiling away on the stove.
The resulting stinky smoke damage necessitated moving everything out of the house, repainting, reflooring and cleaning everything that was going back into the house to remove the smell.

I thought I'd take you around the house and tell you what I'm still loving
and maybe share a few things I'd do differently.
First up, painting white over the oak kitchen cabinets.
Yes, I'm still loving it!.

However, I regret listening to our painter tell me we didn't need to sand the cabinets down and that just priming them would be enough.
This summer I'm probably going to be doing some sanding and repainting.
{eew...that close up they look dirty too, in spite of the fact that I wipe them down constantly}

Painting every room in the house,  except one bedroom and two bathrooms, this soft gray and all the trim white...still lovin' it!
I'll be touching up some doors and trim this summer when I work on the cabinets, though.

That Ikea light we hastily chose when we put in new lighting while we were changing everything else...
not lovin' it so much.
Maybe I'll start looking for something different.

Our big farmhouse table was purchased over a decade ago.
That large table in our wee little dining room isn't ideal, but overall, I'm still lovin' it.

The dish cabinet in the corner was purchased at World Market during the big boiled egg clean up.
Still lovin' it and it's amazing capacity to hold three sets of dishes.

Rustic heart of pine flooring that we bought off of Craig's List...
still lovin' it!
Three years later it has dings here and there from dropping things, but that's just part of it's rustic cottage-y charm.
I never want to go back to living with carpet in the main areas of a house.
A quick mopping with some Murphy's Oil Soap and water and I know it's clean,
whereas carpet traps dirt.

Blue and white Target area rug that I bought that summer...
still lovin' it.
I need to take it in for a cleaning, since it has a lot of white, but I still love the look.

Dark blue leather chair and couch that are over 13 years old...
still lovin' them, too.
In this season where white slipcovers are seen everywhere, {and I do love that look},
the fact that with a baby wipe I can clean any spill off my furniture makes me happy.
These pieces were an investment when we bought them and the fact that they still are in great shape and still look decent makes me happy with the choice we made.

Antique wooden cubby that I bought spur of the moment at an antique mall sale,
thinking it might be an exact match for the antique table I already had...
still lovin' it!
Who wouldn't?

Well, that's all I have for you today.
Hey, it's almost Friday!!!

Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a BLESSED weekend!

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  1. I always love seeing your home! I painted my cabinets, too, and they need to be repainted. This time I'll use Door and Cabinet enamel! It has a harder finish and should last longer than the primer and semi-gloss we used the first time around. Love your other pretties. Cozy, comfy and, oh, I'm a little bit jealous of your floors! I still have carpet and wanted to switch to wood floors but couldn't at the time. Someday. Maybe.

  2. I love your home!! I can't believe those leather pieces are that old... They look new! Your floors are gorgeous, and I agree that dings only
    add charm. :) Your cubby cabinet is fabulous and I'm a bit jealous!
    The epic egg disaster truly sounds like a nightmare!! :/ I'm glad you like the after results, though.

  3. Good choices, all. And the epitome of contentment, they say, is liking what you have :)

  4. Oh Elizabeth, I hadn't known about the egg explosion!! Can't imagine! But I do like what you've done in your cozy, welcoming home since.
    Mary Alice

  5. We need new floor covering. I want to go with hardwood floors, but worry keeping up with all the dust. You make me want to try it.

    1. Carpet is way more of a dust problem. Wood floors are so easy. Just don't go with a dark shows every speck of dust.


  6. I especially love the farmhouse table and the blue and white rug.

    Elizabeth, you just have a way of making a house a home. What a joy for hubby to come home to and for extended family times. They are blessed to have you.

  7. Isn't it funny that we buy shabby chic, chippy paint items on purpose but when it happens to something like our cabinets we want to fix it just right.

    1. I kind of thought the same thing...that maybe I should sand them and go with the look. :)

  8. I am fairly new here too, so hadn't heard about the egg disaster. Oh my word. I think your place is beautiful. Have a blessed weekend, Elizabeth... xxoo

    1. Thanks, Julie, it was a stinky situation! :)

  9. Totally love your floors!! I love the things you love as well.

    Man, I can't imagine the whole boiled egg thing. I had an almost incident like that just the other night but luckily we were home and I could smell something just not right from my living room and realized what was happening. They had boiled down to nothing.

    Hmmm....if I let it happen like yours then I might get my kitchen cabinets painted. (just joking...totally)

    1. I did not do it on purpose! :) Having to move everything out of the house and live with it getting all put back together was a pain, but we were able to make some changes because of it!

  10. first time hearing about the egg catastrophe. what an ordeal, but I love your choices. the flooring is really wonderful, and I agree with the ease of leather, quick cleanup and stays classic.

    1. Thanks, Debra! Thanks for being such a great hostess!

  11. Hi Elizabeth,
    Just found your blog through French Country's Feathered Nest Friday - love your house and look. Now following you! I hope your weekend is blessed and peaceful!


  12. Hi peeking into your home, always so pretty and inviting! Happy Sunday!


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