Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday's Favs... forcing forsythia to bloom

Between our tall yellow house and Miss Wanda's tall pinkish house was a forsythia.
I used to climb under its branches and sit on a bare patch of ground just big enough for one.
With its yellow blooms and green leaves forming the roof of my little hideaway,
a special fondness for this spring beauty took root in my little girl heart.

Between our tall beige house and the neighbor's tall gray house is a forsythia.
It's just starting to leaf out.
 I trimmed off a few branches, knowing that if I brought them indoors and put them in some water,
 the warmth of the house would force them into bloom.

There's a special fondness in this now quite grown up woman's heart for these spring beauties.

It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
and a BLESSED weekend!

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  1. it's my favorite, too. I've always planted a forsythia bush at every home we've lived in!

  2. I forced some forsythia this winter, too. I also force quince. I love the pink and yellow. It tells me spring is almost here. How did you get your sticks to stand so well in that pitcher? :)

  3. Love em! It's so exciting in the spring when you see those first yellow blooms.

  4. That enamelware pitcher is just dreamy!! Forsythias are a little bit of sunshine on a branch, a true sign of Spring!! XXOO

  5. I just planted a forsythia next to the shed behind our house last year; it seemed to stay healthy all summer. If the deer haven't eaten too much of it, it should bloom when the weather warms. (I did spray "Deer Out" on the bare branches last week.) Maybe next year, there will be enough branches to try forcing some.

  6. Me, too - to every word in this post.

  7. What a great memory! It reminded me of the forsythia I planted in front of the first home I ever owned as an adult. Now I want to plant one at my current home. Thanks for inspiring me. Gorgeous photos!

  8. Forsythia is one of my favorites, too. I really like the way you styled it in the enamel pitcher and bowl. So pretty. Have a great week.

  9. I love this, before my divorce, we lived next to an older couple, Mr. G would always bring me an armful of Forsythia branches, just for forcing ~ he was bringing me a bit of spring before the weatherman did.... I miss that!
    Thanks for sharing,


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