Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm believing for rescue...

I don't want to think about it.
I don't want to write about it.
I don't want to believe it.
I want to stick my head in the sand and wrap myself up in my own reality
 and pretend that this is all there is.
I'd like to wrap myself up in my cozy little home and only blog about beautiful and happy things.
I want to gather my four grandchildren around my dinner table and fix them their favorite things 
and protect them from all the ugly "out there".
I don't want to think about the strip club on the corner just a few blocks down,
or the sex trafficking on 82nd Ave., walking distance from my house.  
I want to wash my mind from the image I saw when I watched Nefarious,  
a tiny pair of little girl's pajamas found in a brothel in S.E. Asia, the pajama bottoms stained with blood.
I want to stay tucked safely into my own life while God comes down and smites those so perverse that they would use another human being that way and those so greedy they would profit from it.
I read the words in 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10, and believe them.
There will come a day when Jesus comes and makes wrong things right, 
when He will deal out retribution.
There is a real day of vengeance marked on God's calendar,
 the Babe in the Manger returning as a Mighty Warrior.
I don't cringe at this image of a God who brings justice against the wicked.
I anticipate it.
But in the meanwhile,
in the meantime,
we are,
I am,
you are,
Jesus' eyes and hands and feet and voice.
So, I must get my head out of the sand,
I must quit pretending that all is well,
and I must speak up,
and I must do what I can do to make a difference.
I am one of a group of over 100 bloggers who are blogging for rescue.
We blog for the Exodus Road.
The Exodus Road does investigative missions to uncover illegal sex trafficking and underage sexual exploitation.
The Exodus Road teams with organizations, like Nighlight
that help victims of sex trafficking find hope and the means to support themselves.
The Exodus Road helps rescue victims of sex trafficking.
So far, 622 victims have been saved by the team.
They have helped get 348 prosecutions against sex traffickers.
The Exodus Road has 15 undercover operatives working in 5 countries.
How, can you help?

You can PRAY.
Yes, prayer changes things!
Pray for the corruption that allows this atrocity to go on in our world to be exposed and stopped.
Pray for successful rescues.
Pray for laws to be passed that make all sex trafficking a human rights violation and a felony crime.

You can GIVE.
You can give to organizations like the Exodus Road and help fund investigations and rescues.
You can support organizations like Nightlight.  
Buying jewelry from them helps support women who used to be in the sex trade.
(Click the link above to enter a giveaway for a piece of their lovely jewelry 
and to learn more about their ministry.)

We have a dear pastor friend, here in Portland,
Hope City Church has a ministry of reaching out to the women who work in our area strip clubs.
Me, I'm doing what I know to do.
I believe God gave me a voice for a reason, this blog for a reason, so I'm speaking up.
I believe if you read this, you pray, you give, and you get involved in some small way, 
wherever you are,
 however you can, 
I believe that together we can make a difference.
I'm thinking about the 622 victims saved by the efforts of the the Exodus Road
and I'm believing for many, many more.

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  1. My heart breaks for the women, girls and boys trapped in this ugly business. Thank you for sharing opportunities to help.

  2. it's a brave thing, you know? to get involved.

    to choose to love the truth (even when it's painful) over a life of buried-in-the-sand-but-comfortable.

    challenging, heart-breaking words. thank you.

  3. We are Jesus hands and feet and heart while we are here on earth!! Too many people bury their heads in the sand and ignore what's going on around them and in this world. I believe as you do that prayer does change things!! So I will agree to make a note to pray for Exdous Road that God will give them more resuces, more funds and be led to find all they need to prosecute those who are doing it. Thanks for writing this.

    Note: if you enjoy reading then may i suggest "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn. It's excellent and opens your eyes to why 9/11 happen. I had seen him on Sid Roth's Supernatural tv show and just finished this past Monday night when I was home sick with the flu!

  4. It'd be a lot easier to stick our heads in the sand and not think about, wouldn't it?

    Thankfully we have people like you not willing to forget about fellow humans who are caught in something more powerful than they are. Rescue is coming.

  5. Hi,
    I found your link from A Holy Experience. I put out tweets for the Exodus Road. Couldn't find you on Twitter.
    Blessings on your mission,

  6. Gosh, I am so unaware of this sex trafficking problem in our own country! This really saddens me so much. I will pray for them and this ministry!! Elizabeth, thank you for taking time to write this and shedding light on this dark issue we need to face.

  7. So you just join the multiple a venues that are bringing this to my attention must have seen what has been on the top of my reading stack this week: Ashley Jude's memoir of her work against sex trafficking and HIV prevention in Africa. Grateful for your courage to speak boldly here.

  8. Elizabeth,
    Yes, you are right. This horrific thing must be stopped. Our church has educated us about it and supported rescue organizations. I read the article link and watched Nefarious as well.
    Getting the word out is essential. Thank you.

  9. I remember when I went to a Freedom Summit last year. I came home and cried for days. My eyes were opened, not to the issue around the world, although that is tragic. But my eyes were opened to what is happening right in my own neighborhood. I am linking shields with you in prayer. Nefarious was a truly moving video.

  10. as mother to a little girl, a little precious innocent, my heart does this stabbing pain for other mothers whose little ones are snatched and gone and defiled. oh the bile that churns in my stomach.

    bless you for making this awareness greater. visiting from dear emily's place.

  11. My heart aches for the girls and women caught in this trap. I am praying! And asking God what else He wants me to do to help this ministry. Our local police department held a meeting to discuss trafficking this morning. We weren't able to go. I hope they will offer it again when more people can attend. It's everywhere! We can't stand by and turn our heads the other way. Even though that's what would be the easiest thing to do!

  12. I don't want to think about this, but I appreciate that you insist I do. So painful. I guess my question can't be how can they, but what can I do? Thank you...hopped over from Emily's place.

  13. weeping. those pajama bottoms stained with blood... oh Lord, why don't you intervene? oh friend. so, so hard.

  14. (and yet, even as i published that comment i realized, he IS intervening through the exodus road...)

  15. Yes. Yes. YES!
    *Thank you* for being a voice for our sisters ---for showing them God's heart for them.

    Lord willing, I'll be sharing this this week...

    1. Thanks for sharing the message about global slavery and the work we're doing at The Exodus Road, Ann. I'm very honored. If you'd like the inside scoop you can join us at

  16. This is been a part of my heart's cry too....thank you for being a part of this freedom. On earth as it is in heaven for these precious ones, we cry out, dear Jesus.


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