Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cure for winter doldrums...

 I read on Instagram today a comment of someone wondering how those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest deal with all of the gray, rainy days.
First of all, it isn't always gray and rainy.
We've had some gorgeous cold and clear days so far this winter!
However, today is a gray day.
So, how do I beat the winter doldrums?
First of all, I spend time with Jesus.
I read the Bible and journal, listen to worship music, and also keep a gratitude journal.
Counting my blessings is a huge help to beat the blues.

I also find that exercise is a great mood booster.
So, I bundle up and go on my walk/run, or if the weather is too extreme, use my elliptical indoors.
I also take vitamins and extra vitamin D.

Being creative and changing things up around my home is also a great doldrums buster.
Today I worked on this little vignette and also began making some changes around the house in preparation for Valentine's Day.  (You'll have to come back later to see those.)

Another great way to beat the doldrums, is to get your eyes off of yourself and do something to help or encourage someone else.
When I do that, I find that God always encourages me in return.

So, how do you beat the winter doldrums?
I'd love to hear, so leave a comment!

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  1. Wonderful tips on dealing with the winter doldrums! Doing something for others is an excellent pick-me-upper. Changing up the decor is a good distraction on a gloomy day. I like your use of white ironstone to add a bright spot in your room.
    Mary Alice

  2. I go to the beach and walk along the water's edge. Or, I just sit and watch the waves. I'm doing that today! When I can't get away, I put on music that touches my heart and I putter around my little house. - moving this and rearranging that. By the way, it's not cloudy and grey at the beach today. It's sunny and gorgeous!

  3. Seems to me you've really covered the bases here, Elizabeth. I needed these reminders today. (I don't handle winters very well.)

  4. Beautiful post--I march to the beat of a different drummer I guess--

    The colder, cloudier, darker, grayer the day, the more I love it--I would make a great Pacific Northwesterner--smile--

    I have troubles just like every other human being on planet earth but have learned that fretting over them only leads to evil as it says in Ps. 37--I have too many things I LOVE to do to be in the doldrums

    but I do have a heart for those who are and love to help people.

  5. What a pretty vignette! My husband and I lived in the Pacific Northwest last year, and I loved it! The gray days didn't bother me like I thought they would. The gorgeous scenery more than made up for it! And I kept busy crafting, so that helped! Have a great night!

  6. It's always so good to focus on someone else other than ourselves. The weather has been very warm the past week, so I have a hard time believing it's winter at all. Exercise helps and so does spending time with the children and grandchildren.

  7. You are so right...when your eyes are on Jesus the weather doesn't matter. We had a very cold and rainy day sunday, but our church was packed to standing room only. That made me so happy!
    Your vignette is so beautiful! I love every single thing!

  8. All great ways to beat the winter doldrums. I think I should try the exercise tip. It would do me so much good. :)

  9. Thank you for stopping by and following me, I also joined your wonderful site. I love to be creative when outside is gloomy and gray.

  10. Hi there! I've just blogged about this very thing! I'm disabled following an accident 5 years ago so struggle with exercise but I have to say the other things are fairly similar to you! I do my gratitude diary, try and be in the moment, pray, trust in my path - and a little retail therapy at the charity shop doesn't hurt!! I also bought some narcissi today - flowers are so beautiful and make me happy! J9 x


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