Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Face to face with darkness...

My husband, who is a pastor, had just left for a conference out of state when I got the call.  It was someone who attended our church, asking "the pastor" to please come.  They said their loved one was acting crazy and they didn't know what to do.  I called our associate pastor and asked him to meet me at their home.  As I approached their front door, two city policeman were coming out.  I introduced myself and asked them what was going on inside.  I was shocked at the police officer's response.  "That person needs an exorcism..." (to continue, join me here.  I have the privilege of guest posting today over at Emily's place, Imperfect Prose.)

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  1. Hey, Elizabeth,
    Left you a comment at Em's place...blessings to you :)

  2. Just got done reading this on Emily's blog, but WOW, I wanted to comment here too! So glad you are shining light on the truth of darkness and our authority that we have in Jesus Christ! Bless you, my friend. ~ Jen

  3. I think even many Christians "dabble" in darkness and bring on many of their own troubles. Me included. :( Until I got serious about reading God's Word I really had no idea!! We must read It, know It, memorize It, meditate on It and live It!! I could relate to many of your childhood Halloween memories. ;) My mom used to make popcorn balls to hand out. I had to laugh about the raisins and apples too!! :)

  4. I saw your writing on Emily's site and I was surprised it was yours, how wonderful. Her book is awesome.
    YES we need to be so careful and not be ignorant about the 'dark' places. It is not a game it is very real. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Elizabeth,
    Amen! I appreciate your Godly wisdom, and how all you share is scriptural. I commented Ephesians 6:12,
    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
    on the other site.

  6. Elizabeth, I could not read your post over at Emily's fast enough. I was reading so fast that my eyes were ahead of my brain and I had to "go back" more than once. Here's why... my husband and I decided not to celebrate Halloween anymore when our girls were 5 and 6. His mother had felt convicted over it for a long time, but we just "poo-pooed" it off saying that we didn't do the scary stuff, etc. Don't know why the decision came that particular year exactly, but God had us aligned. We chose an alternative that has lasted through the years (I think I will go write about it today on my blog. Check back in a little while.) Anyway, I have also come face-to-face with the Darkness 3 times in my life. However, I wasn't prepared like you. I believe that those confrontations benefitted me, at least. I thank you for sharing your experience which has encouraged me to prepare, and has reaffirmed our choice to forgo Halloween.

  7. Preparing to write my post about Halloween in response to your post, I just couldn't do it. Too dark for today. The time has come and gone and I am grateful. Perhaps I will feel the need to share another day when Halloween hasn't just happened. I think that now it's too close to that "holiday" and would be received with much criticism. People have moved on to being thankful... a much better "place" to be.


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