Friday, September 7, 2012

Romans 12:10

Romans 12 10.jpg

I tried to get a photo of the grandkids all decked out in their Washington Huskies gear as a surprise for Papa.

Four kids are just about impossible to get all posing nicely together.

In this photo my grandson decided to steal his sister's hat.

I'm kind of thinking God has an even harder time getting His kids all being nice to one another.

That brotherly love stuff, that in honor preferring others, it's not always easy is it?

And it definitely doesn't come naturally.

The flesh wants others to honor and prefer us doesn't it?

This is another thing that takes God's supernatural help to do.

What if each morning we made that our prayer?

"God, give me Your love for others today.

Help me to honor others and to prefer them above myself."

I think I'll try it!

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  1. Cute little ones and a wonderful idea to start the day with ...

  2. Love seeing your little Huskies -- my husband was a Husky too! Your message and verse is so meaningful right now for me. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your grandkids are beautiful. I love the picture. A great reminder that God wants His children to all get along! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  4. I will try it :) My mom always taught us rather than 'treat others how you want to be treated' we were to 'treat others BETTER than we would want to be treated'. Something that was (and still is) very challenging. Thank you for the wonderful reminder - and your grandkids are beautiful :)

  5. awwwww such an awesome photo! :) and reminder!

  6. Great verse and reminder, and I love that photo! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  7. WHAT?? Choosing others before myself? How crazy is THAT??? [I really will/do try to put others first. Ain't easy, though, since I know most of "me" better than I know most of the others.]

    Great picture! Getting a bunch of kids to all look good, cheerful, smiley at the same time doesn't happen too easily. A good chuckly photo.

  8. What a beautiful verse! And what adorable kids.
    Our pastor spoke of generosity in Saturday's sermon. I love it when I follow the path that He has created for me.
    Thank the Heavenly Father for loving each of us every day!

  9. Great photo...and an even better word. How I need a supernatural love for others!

  10. I love the "picture" of the Heavenly Father wanting us all to get along :)


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