Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Does God laugh?


I think God in heaven just tips His head back and belly laughs sometimes.

I really do!

After all, we were created to laugh, and weren't we made in His image,

and isn't He the one that said that laughter does good like medicine?


I think He cries too, and Heaven knows, there's plenty of things in this world of His to cry about.

But, I don't believe His cries are ever cries of hopelessness or despair, because He knows the end of the story.

I think His tears are over what we do to ourselves.

Oh, how He loves us, and hates what we do to hurt ourselves and one another.



Yes, I believe He hates.

He hates the sin that destroys His most beloved creation.


Yes, I believe He gets angry too.

Not the kind of anger we feel when things are out of our control or we're frustrated, but the anger of righteous indignation.

He is Righteous.

And oh, how very much He has to be indignant about in this sin deformed world.


But, He is full of joy, too.

He sings, He spins with delight, He claps His hands, and He laughs.

Oh, how He laughs!

It must shake all of heaven and ripple through the whole universe when He laughs.


This week I feel His smile.

I feel His joy.

I can almost hear His laughter…

as baby granddaughter gets more yogurt on her than in her…

as only grandson tries his hardest to catch one of auntie's chickens…

as cousins splash together on hot summer days…

and share m and m covered donuts...


as sand castle building and sea creature catching are the work of the day...



and even middle aged Nana's can't help but leap for the joy of it all.


Yes, I believe that God laughs.

And I know that He loves.

Oh, how very, very much, He loves.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I agree..God wouldn't have invented joy if He didn't laugh. He also sings..songs of deliverance over us. I wish people got to know Him more and appreciated His diverse and amazing character like you do...great post.

  2. I couldn't agree more! I can also picture Jesus belly laughing when he was walking this earth. Peter makes me giggle. I wonder if he made Jesus grin too.

    Your pictures are wonderful and capture that abundant life that He came to bring us. You must be having the time of your life.

    And I want one of those M %M cookies! Gracious!

  3. I liked the picture with the chickens in it, I have the exact same two chickens. I had to smile though when I saw you guys at the beach with jackets on. Here in Florida you would pass out from heat stroke if you did that. You are just having to much fun and I am happy for you.

  4. What bliss! I got caught up in YOUR joy as I read the words and viewed the pictures of your delightful time with the grandchildren....

  5. Love this!!! I also believe that the Lord laughs as He delights in us! I want to become even more like Him in that way!!
    What a wonderful time you all are having in these pictures! The kiddos are too cute, and I think you're pretty cute yourself having fun on the beach. :D

  6. I believe this too. It was great to see you in the pics frolicking with the kiddos. Great pics. JOY.

  7. Hi Elizabeth, Lovely photos of your darling grandchildren. Hop on over to Chateau Chic to see the winner of my giveaway!
    Mary Alice

  8. I think God has an amazing sense of humor! Was the starfish alive and squirming? How I wished I handled all those emotions like God does - the anger, the self-less tears - all of it! I love your joyful leaping photo! Just beautiful - all of it!

  9. It warms my heart thinking of God laughing - experiencing the same range of emotions that we do -- delighting in us.

  10. You've had a lot of good posts over the years but I think this one is favorite--just made me want to leap for joy! Rejoicing with you and the joy of having your family together. Love, D.

  11. Oh my goodness, that first photo is just adorable! What a wonderfully, happy post. I love seeing all those smiling faces :)

  12. Yes, I believe he does have a great sense of humor!! :)


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