Saturday, July 14, 2012

Taste and See...

Psalm 348.jpg

We went blueberry picking this week!

In typical Sal fashion, (Blueberries for Sal is one of my and granddaughter's favorite reads), three year old little blondie ate more blueberries than what she put in her bucket.

I kept telling her she might get a tummy ache if she ate too many.

Then I told her she might turn blue like a blueberry.

"You're just kiddin' Nana, right?" she said.

"Maybe you'll get blue and round just like a blueberry!" I replied.

"Then Nana will have to roll you around!"

She just kept picking and eating!

Finally, I said, "We are going out to lunch after this, and you'll be too full for a treat if you don't stop."

Nothing worked!

Every time I looked at her she was popping another blueberry in her mouth!

They were pretty delicious.

You see, I tasted a few myself.

God wants us to taste Him for ourselves.

He wants us to find out that He is, indeed, good.

Then, what if no one and nothing could persuade us to stop tasting?

No warnings, no threats, nothing!

Just eating and eating and eating of His wonderfulness…

until maybe we turn into...

someone a bit like Him.

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  1. Willy wonka and theology in the same post. So good. I used to tell the farmer to weigh my son before and after the picking and I'd pay the extra. :)

  2. Blueberries are my favorite!! And that verse is one of my very favorites too. ;)

  3. Hahah! I love "happygirl's" comment above. Great verse to go with that photo! (Or photo to go with that verse. :-) )

  4. I love blueberries. And to think the sweetness of the Lord is so much more! Thanks for linking up. I had to redo the linky. Would you mind linking again?

  5. As we taste and see our Lord, we can never have TOO much of his goodness. No stomach aches from devouring too much!

  6. Oh, this one was good, really really good. I like that. I don't know that I have ever had that hit home quite like that before and I have heard that verse taught many times. Of course make an illustration with food and you have me. Boy, I just like that so much I will have a pleasant thought for the rest of the day I think. Hope that you also have pleasant thoughts today.Thanks.

  7. I had some blueberries during the week. They were lovely too... Love how you interpreted this into your post today. Beautifully written.

  8. Elizabeth~excellent analogy! And that photo is priceless. The coloring of your granddaughter's cheeks--amazing! You have captured such beautiful color and detail. Tells me I need to get out and practice more, experiment more.
    I also need to eat more of the Lord's tasty words so I can become more like Him!

  9. What a wonderful post and memory to keep! Blueberries are one of my most favorite berries :)

  10. Yes, I hope that "eating" Him and being filled with His Spirit as opposed to my own "fillings" will turn me more and more into His character for the growth, health, and salvation of the many.

    Thank you, Elizabeth. [And I'm glad your g-girl enjoyed something healthful instead of piles of candy and junk foods. That's better than me, when chocolate is sitting in front of my eyes.]

  11. My favorite is fresh blueberries, they require little care and so good. She is adorable too.

  12. Love this is such a big way!! I understand exactly what you mean about tasting Him for ourselves. I love the way you said that nothing will make us stop tasting the goodness of God and his Word when once we've known the sweetness.

    And I love your little "Sal". I believe I would have been standing right next to her tasting away as well.

  13. Wonderful analogy, Elizabeth! Someday maybe she'll appreciate the Wonka reference ;)


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