Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friday's Favs…I'm lovin' a bargain on Johnson Bros. Transferware

Red and White Transferware 10.jpg

I love transferware!

I love red transferware dishes!

I love red Johnson Bros. Britain Castle transferware dishes.

I've pinned many photos of red transferware on Pinterest,

and I've admired it here and there and everywhere,

but I never expected to find it bargain priced at Ross!

Red and White Transferware 13.jpg

{Isn't my little piggy creamer cute? I see them for a pretty penny at antique stores, but he's a treasure to me because years ago my Mama gave him to me.}

Red and White transferware 1.jpg

Red and White Transferware 4.jpg

Red and White Transferware 6.jpg

The dishes have a British castle in the center along with the name and date of the castle, the salad plates have a different castle, the bowls another.

Red and White Transferware 9.jpg

I'm lovin' my red and white transferware!

Red and White Transferware 5.jpg

Red and White Transferware 10.jpg

Well, Friday's comin' friends.

I hope your Friday is HAPPY

and your weekend is BLESSED!

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  1. Your new dishes are beautiful! I LOVE my Christmas Johnson Bros. transferware. I've collected them from all over, and every time I find more pieces here and there it's like finding a treasure!
    Have a blessed day,

  2. I love transferware (have some blue, red and even a couple of small plates in an olive & burgundy combination) and have a new fascination for brown. We will soon be getting a Ross in our city...I'll have to check them out. I found a few blue plates at TJ Maxx when I was looking for plates to hang on our bedroom walls...they were a bargain!

  3. Love Johnson Brothers, period!

  4. i bought some of these johnson bros transferware from homegoods last christmas....i just absolutely love them.....your blog is lovely.....the playlist is very refreshing......

  5. I love Johnson Brothers transferware, and I collect it in several colors--red, blue and green.

  6. I love it~ so charming!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  7. Wow, I love your red transfer ware too, great find for you. Wish I would find some too.

  8. Also I am your newest follower, come join me.

  9. I love the Johnson Brothers transferware and can understand the excitement of finding such wonderful pieces. I've recently took home four blue plates.
    Enjoy a lovely weekend!

  10. Those are so lovely, glad you can add them to your collection.

  11. oh I am so glad to see this I don't go shopping mych but I need some pieces to complete my collection so glad u found so many at a great $$
    oh I am coming from one of the - well I think the picket fence or french country cottage

  12. Love your new dishes! I'm starting to like ironstone and transferware more than bone china - I've loved bone china for so many years but find I'm changing! Not a bad thing. Maybe.

  13. Ever since I changed out my kitchen a year or so ago, I have been wistfully dreaming about owning some of those very dishes. I love them.

    And I love the little pig creamer, too. My mom has a creamer/sugar set that I have loved since my grandmother used them when I was a little girl. So cute!

  14. Way to shop! I never find anything at Ross. Britain Castles is such a nice pattern. I love any pattern by Johnson Bros. Have a great weekend,

  15. great dishes love them. we don't have a ross store here

  16. I've always loved this pattern too! I have one or two pieces of it. What a beautiful table it will make with the whole set. Wonderful!

  17. Gorgeous dishes and tableware. Really love these!

  18. Love those colors! There's just something about a lovely dinner set. I was lucky to inherit my aunt's and it just seems to make meal time that much more special. Oh and how I love that bike in your header! So cute!

  19. Love your dishes! I have the exact same ones in blue. I think I must enjoy blue and white transferware as much as you like red and white.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. I love your transferware too! I have the same pattern in blue, but I do think that I like your red better!!

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Elizabeth, you have a beautiful collection of red transferware!
    What lovely patterns your plates are - no wonder your mother's piggy creamer looks so happy :-)
    Thanks for kindly visiting me today.

  22. Red transfer are always makes me happy too--it looks so welcoming when the table is set with it. The castle pattern is great too and little piggy is so cute! Linda

  23. So pretty! I think it is cool that there are different castles. I love the red castles transferware but haven't come across any yet. I have blue transferware and four pieces of brown/black. A new love to collect.


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