Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pride and joy…


“Children’s children are the crown of old men,

and the glory of children is their fathers.”

Proverbs 17:6

This is a photo of my husband with our youngest granddaughter.

I’m not saying he’s old, but I am saying that his grandbabies are his pride and joy.

Oh, how he loves his three daughters and his four grandbabies.

Happy Father’s Day to the man I love.


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  1. Happy Father's Day to your husband! What a beautiful photo. I can see it...the pride and joy.

  2. Happy Father's Day to yur husband. What a tender moment to capture. I love how he is looking at ther and she is looking at the camera. Such cute fuzzy hair.

  3. Thanks for hosting! Your photo & post is beautiful!

    Create With Joy - #58

  4. So perfect for today. Oh the joy of being grand!

  5. Gorgeous intimate photo. What a beautiful little 'arrow'!

    Thank you for linking up with Scripture Sunday this week. It's a privilege to host a link to this beautiful blogsite.

  6. Wish your husband a Happy Father's Day from me. Sweet capture and perfect scripture. :)

  7. beautiful picture and the babe...adorable. Her little face speaks of God's love and the hope and joy waiting for her each day of her life. Your husbands arm holding her.....also tells me the protection of Him holding each one of us......

  8. What a sweet picture of grandma and granchild. These are the best days of our lives with our grandchildren. What an adorable, precious face--she is in total peace on his lap.

  9. What a sweet picture! Love that l'il girl's hair!

  10. What a treat to see such a sweet photo of a grandpa and baby. Such a blessing.

  11. How precious! What a sweet picture.


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