Thursday, May 3, 2012

Friday Favs…I’m lovin’ May flowers!


They say

“April showers


bring May flowers”


and I’m so glad they do!


Aren’t you?



Every year about this time, it feels like the jungle wants to reclaim our large yard.

When we picked out the lot for our house we chose the largest of the three lots available.

(What were we thinking?)

It was a tangle of blackberry vines and other underbrush

with two huge old growth cedar trees in the midst of it all.

Every spring we have a truck load of debris to haul away due to the cedar trees

as well as the neighbor’s huge fir trees which “shed” over into our yard.

We have almost another whole truck load of weeds, ivy and blackberry shoots that spring up.

Last year I planted two rose bushes and four lavender plants, and thankfully they appear to be surviving.

This year I bought the beautiful peony you see in the photos above.

And, with my lack of gardening skills, this proves that I am ever an optimist!


Friday’s comin’ my friends!



(sea shells in photo three collected by me and my grandchildren on the beach at Accra, Ghana, West Africa.)

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  1. Peonies are one of my favorites! :) I'm sure the shells are so special and every time you see them they are a reminder of your trip and family so far away. I guess that is what trinkets in our homes should be...precious memories and reminders. :)

  2. I used to live in the Pacific Northwest so I know about those blackberries......but they are great for jam if you can go somewhere else to pick them! That was perfect for me today when you said it feels like a jungle wants to take over. We are in Ohio now with three acres and I really feel like that today. Going at it one day at a time and enjoying this beautiful world God has given us. Your flowers are beautiful and I really enjoy your posts.

    1. Thanks! Tried to go to your blog to reply but looks like it's not an active blog. I'm glad you came by and appreciate your comment.

  3. I adore peonies. I felt so bad when the one I transplanted did not make it. I felt like a killed a friend. LOVE the pics. *again* Hey, I linked to you today. :)

  4. First, in case you don't check old posts, I want to tell you how much I was moved by the swimming post. I felt that one way down deep in the soul.

    I relate very well to this one because we have a backyard jungle that needs taming on a regular basis. THIS year, I did most of the taming. It was a gift to my husband, who works so hard and isn't home that often. (And isn't as young as he used to be...)

    I hope your peony grows and survives! I'm currently believing for some daylilies around here.

  5. Elizabeth,
    The blooms are lovely. And I'm partial to the old canning jars.
    The story about learning to swim in your previous post is beautiful.

  6. So pretty ~ and it all comes with a lot of hard work! Isn't that true of life, come to think of it.
    Mary Alice

  7. Beautiful photos...I love the simple style of the old blue ball jars to enhance the beauty of the peonies!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend...

  8. Love the photos! Happy, blessed, beautiful weekend to YOU! :)

  9. The buds on the peony bush are getting so full they look like they will just burst! Maybe tomorrow I will awake to peonies as lovely as yours!

  10. I am always looking for more places to plant more peonies, Elizabeth! They are my ultimate FAV flower in the garden. My tree peonies are blooming like crazy right now and their fragrance is filling my garden! :)

    xoxo laurie


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