Saturday, February 18, 2012



Delay after delay, but finally my daughter, son-in-law and grandbabies have a departure date to leave for Ghana.

They will be leaving March 20th.

My youngest daughter is going on a short missions trip to Cyprus and Israel at the same time.

(Have you read the current news about Greece and Israel? Oh my.)

In the meanwhile, on the home front, all county approval for our church building project has finally come through after months and months of resistance, so now we are praying in the funds to complete our new sanctuary.

Trusting God…it always comes back to that most basic issue.

When it involves my children and grandbabies that’s when it’s hardest.

But I choose trust over fear.

I have to.

Once again, right now, I place them all in His hands, entrusting them into His care.

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  1. Oh, friend, how I know that trusting God with our children is difficult at times! I blogged a little about that today. Blessings to your children and your church as the name of Christ is lifted up!

  2. Love that picture

    Love that scripture

    Love that TRUST

    Love you!!

  3. Thinking of the words of the old hymn - 'trusting as the moments fly, trusting as the days go by.' That's the only place to be, dear friend. I'm praying for you - and for your dear ones. Hold them close to the Father. He knows your heart and He will hold you close, too!

  4. It's so hard to let go of them, and release them fully into the Lord's care. But He truly is the One who knows how to hold them the best. You have some exciting news. I will be praying for your kids, their travel, and for your church building!

    On another note, GFC will no longer allow me to follow blogs that way. So if you see my picture disappear on the widget, I am still here. Just following through RSS now!

  5. I can't imagine how hard it must be to let them go. I'm thanking God for the paths they've chosen, though.

  6. How wonderful that God has entrusted you and your husband with Godly children whose desire it is to serve Him abroad. As Moms, our freedom comes from releasing our children to the Lord's faithfulness and care.....daily! It's sometimes a tall order.
    Mary Alice

  7. When trust and faith is required for our own families it really reaches a new dimension, so close to our hearts.

  8. I choose to trust, too. I know I can never screw up God's plan for me. I trust.


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