Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Defense and Refuge…


The enemy is ruthless and relentless.

He tries to wear out the saints.

He wants us to give in and to believe his lies and deception,

to convince us that God is not good,

to convince us that our situation is hopeless,

to convince us that it’s too hard and that we should just give up and quit.

He’s a liar and the father of lies.

Don’t quit my friend.

Run to your Defense and your Refuge,

but don’t you dare quit.

If you don’t quit, you’ll win.


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  1. He really DOES try to wear out the saints!

    Reading Psalm 91 over and over again daily has reinforced some of the same truth as the Isaiah 25:4. I "get it" - God wants us to know where our rest, our strength and our deliverance come from!

  2. AMAN!! And having done all stand!! Sometimes I forget that! To stand on His Word! Thank you for reminding me the enemy is a liar!

  3. OH Elizabeth.. simply perfect... best scritpure and a snapshot EVER!

  4. Misty Edwards sings "Don't give up. Don't give in. If you don't quite, you'll win." They only time we ever truly fail is if we quit. Thanks for this reminder to keep pressing in.

  5. Thank you for these encouraging words. GOD IS GOOD. :)

  6. Oh, this one is so good,thank you. And to Barbie, I want to look up this song you mentioned it sounds great.Thanks.

  7. Indeed. Satan's lies that we have no hope is the most frustrating. Thank you for the important reminder to keep running the race!

  8. So, so true. I love your last sentence..."If you don't quit, you'll win." There is such hope and promise and immense victory in that!

  9. Hello! I came over from Barbie's blog.
    Satan's lies can really trip us up if we do not have our eyes on Jesus. If we stop and look we will see that God is right there with us all the time.


  10. So true and beautiful capture.

  11. "A shade from the heat."

    How encouraging! We have to ignore the adversary and never quit!

  12. love this link up!
    and this is such encouraging truth. thank you SO much for sharing! xo

  13. Thank you for these encouraging words. This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of as my husband and I face some uncertainty.
    Mary Alice

  14. Thank you! My weary mama heart needed those words today after repeatedly talking my son off the cliff this weekend. It's what I kept telling him, don't quit, hang on just a little longer, don't think a month out or a week or even a day, just do the next thing -- next class, next project, next meal, and an hour will turn into a day will turn into a week will turn into a month and things will look different. Just hold on and don't quit. Thank you for these words that soaked deep tonight!

  15. Have to admit, Elizabeth, I've wondered, lately, if quitting wouldn't be better ... but no, it would NOT! God is able to do abundantly above all that we could ask or think!! Thank you for this encouragement to keep on believing!!


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