Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bind my wandering heart to Yours…


I don’t know why He puts up with me

When what I offer Him is such shallow love

Such a distracted heart

I say and sing the words

“I am Yours! I am Yours!”

But He knows the truth

about the other lover

The idol of self with its constant refrain of

“I think…

I feel…

I want…”

I’m ashamed of it

I wear a mask to hide it

I don’t want to admit it

I’m in love with me

Even in prayer

While it sounds right

Underneath it all

I want people and situations and circumstances to be made right

So the apple cart of my comfortable, peaceful life isn’t upset

I’m trying something new

or maybe old

But new to me

Three times a day my phone alarm goes off and I pray

“Help me to love You with all of my heart and mind and soul and strength.”

“Captivate my wandering heart with Your love.”

“Crowd out sin and self with Your Presence.”

“Help me to love others as I love myself.”

Three times a day I admit my helplessness

To even obey in this most basic thing

My inability to do the First Thing

To do the One Thing

To love God the way He deserves

Even in this

Without Him

I can do nothing

But with Him

All things are possible


Still following,




  1. beautiful...and I love that of my favorites...blessings to you as we are bound to Him...

  2. i am with you on this, and praying the very same thing. thanks, elizabeth.

  3. this was a blessing to my heart..thank you

  4. “Help me to love You with all of my heart and mind and soul and strength.”

    You have shared something so simple. But it is so huge.
    Bind my wandering heart to You, is a favorite verse. I know I go off on little bunny trails. But He waits for me to come running back. Sometime I hide behind Him and sometimes I jump right into His arms. After reading this I want to stand before Him and hold my arms up for Him to pick me up and hold me. Thank you very much for listening to God and sharing with us. Blessings, Lisa Freeman

  5. Oh, Elizabeth. You continue to inspire me. I want to be like you, acknowledging my helplessness all throughout the day. My need for Him.

    Thanks for the blessing of seeing inside your heart. It's beautiful.

  6. I hear what you're saying...I need to pray about this too.

  7. This touches me in deeply, deeply personal ways. I thank you for this. You're a blessing in my life.

  8. This resonates with me. I want this to be the cry of my heart! Love the new photo in the header!

  9. This is so beautiful and brings the first commandment down to a practical discipline. I need to do this as well, do you mind if I join you? Thank you for coming to our new community. We are better for it!


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