Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joining the Joy Dare…

I’ve been gathering gratitude since the fall of 2009.

I’ve counted into the fifteen hundreds.

But Ann has challenged us to gather a thousand thanks in 2012.

She’s given us prompts for each day of the month, like clues of where to look for things to give thanks for.

I’m late to accepting the challenge to join the “Joy Dare”,

so my list this week is long as I catch up!


3 things about myself that I’m thankful for…

my faith

my nurturing heart

my creativity

a gift outside…

a light dusting of snow


a gift inside…

6 silver spoons


a gift on a plate…

blueberry muffins and soft boiled eggs


three lines overheard that were graces…

I love you

You’re beautiful

Thank you

gifts old, new, and blue…

old ironstone bowl

new Irish linen towel

blue eyed granddaughter


something you’re reading…

Culture of Honor

something you’re making…

Felt Valentine hearts

something you’re seeing…

God ordering our steps and our children’s steps

one thing in your bag-

new reading glasses

one thing in your fridge-

grapefruit and oranges

one thing in your heart-


3 graces from people I love-


acts of service


light that caught me-

winter sun on the wood floor


a reflection that surprised me-

my 54 year old self – hair in pony tail, glasses instead of contacts, exercise clothes on

a shadow that fell lovely-

granddaughter and I holding hands on our walk


a gift in my hand-

my gratitude journal

a gift I walked by-

my neighborhood

a gift I sat with-

my Hubs on a date to the movies

a gift that’s sour-

lemon in my tea

a gift that’s sweet-

baked sweet potato with brown sugar and cinnamon

a gift that’s just right-

the first cup of hot coffee in the morning

3 yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy

sweet yellow butter

butter yellow walls in the bedroom at our house that the grandkids call theirs

yellow primrose peeking up through the snow

something above me-

the roof over our head

something below me-

the sound of the Hubs downstairs making the coffee while I’m still snuggled warmly in bed

something beside me-

my “Jesus Date” bag

3 sounds I hear-

the hum of my computer

the garbage truck

the sounds of our neighborhood waking up to the new day

3 ways I’ve glimpsed the startling grace of God-

how He still is changing us, delivering us, healing us, day by day

how He is building His church

His work at Hope City

one thing I wore-

the necklace my sister had made for me from my Mama’s ring

one thing I gave away-

tithe and offering

one thing I shared-

bites of the Hub’s calzone on our date

3 ways I witnessed happiness today-

snow falling

the Hubs help with the grocery shopping

snuggling littlest granddaughter with her fuzzy, wuzzy hair

Nana and Evapk

one gift that made me laugh-

my silly granddaughter

one gift that made me pray-

details that still need to come together for our kids to leave for Ghana

one gift that made me quiet-

granddaughter not feeling well, so she just wanted to lay next to me on the couch

3 gifts from God’s Word-

Deuteronomy 31:78 He will not fail me, let me go, or forsake me

Psalm 102:28 our descendants will thrive in His presence

Colossians 2:7 the roots of my being firmly and deeply planted in Him

a grace in the kitchen-

my favorite red soup pot filled with homemade stew

a grace in the weather-

enough snow for granddaughter to made a snow angel and a wee little snowman


a grace that might never have been-

our grandchildren

3 gifts I saw only when I got up close-

the beauty in the shell of a brown egg

the beauty of God’s heart when I draw near to Him



one thing in the sky-

sunbreaks after  a very, very rainy week

one thing from my memory-

our three little girls that are now three beautiful women of God

one thing that’s ugly beautiful-

rusty old candlestick



Gratefully yours,



  1. You have so much to be grateful for. Beautiful post.

  2. Awesome photos, capturing the essence of your thanks!

  3. an absolutely beautiful list!! love your pictures, so pretty!

  4. Beautiful. I'll have to check the link, have been listing gifts too...

  5. ....and the picture of you holding your littlest grandchild is beautiful.

  6. I just loved this blog! I have tears on my cheek~ I have one little grandson (19 months)He is the precious gift of God that fills my heart!
    Your friend Dayna


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