Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking back to see what God has done…


“God takes pleasure in demonstrating His greatness.”

“Those who have not penned in their memories the remarkable instances of God’s loving favor to them miss comfort’s sweet companionship.”

“…often it is one experience remembered which frees the soul from despair-

a prison where the devil longs to trap the Christian.”

“…when David’s hope faltered, he regained it by recalling God’s goodness.”

“when your hope is at a loss…look backward to see what God has done for you.”

“Another way to let God rescue you from despair is to remember how often He has proved your unbelief to be a false prophet.”

“Why then are you frightened again and again by your distrustful thoughts, which God has so often proved liars?”

“…even when you have been impatient and despairing in your afflictions, never the less, God’s mercy has been at work all the while to deliver you from them.”

All quotes are from “The Christian in Complete Armor” by William Gurnall, first published in 1655.

I thought the above quotations so appropriate for Monday,

the day I share my gratitude list from the previous week,

the day I “look backward to see what God has done.


-our new granddaughter born!!! 7 pounds 13 ounces, 19 and one-half inches of pure miracle

-safe delivery

-healthy baby girl

-youngest daughter getting to be here for her niece’s birth

-skyping with second born daughter and my other two grandbabies so they could see their new niece/cousin

-my oldest daughter’s wonderful in-laws

-baby lost too much weight and doctor didn’t want to release them from the hospital,

people prayed and she gained 5 ounces overnight!

-“Big Sister” spending the night and telling me, “I yike you, Nana!”


-Christmas music

-Church building permits granted! A huge answer to prayer!


Gratefully yours,



  1. Beautiful quotes, and ones that I needed to read this morning. This one was my favorite:

    "Another way to let God rescue you from despair is to remember how often He has proved your unbelief to be a false prophet.”

  2. Praising the Lord with you for the great things He has done. Miracles, indeed!

  3. Those girls are precious, Elizabeth (but then, I don't have to tell you that). And I appreciate the quotes you've chosen to share, too.


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