Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday’s Favs…Hunter Wellie Boots, Ikea Rugs, Paver Patio


I’m lovin’ my Hunter wellies that the Hubs got me for my birthday.

My birthday was in August and the fall boots were just trickling into Nordstrom.

He bought me the graphite gray ones, which I love.

Last year I bought Land’s End wellies,

but the Hubs knew that I had really wanted the original Hunter wellies made in the U.K.

He always tries to get me what I want, so I have to be careful not to take advantage of his generosity. Smile

A friend bought my Land’s End wellies from me, which made me happy that I hadn’t wasted that money.

Here are my Hunter wellies sitting on my Ikea area rug.

These rugs only cost $3.99, and are the sturdiest little rugs.

They look a wee bit coastal cottage which makes me happy.

The price makes me even happier.


Did you notice the pile of gravel in the photo of my boots?


Our wooden deck was poorly designed, poorly built, and starting to decay.

So out it went.

A good friend of ours drew up some options for a new patio for us and then helped put it in.


My nephew and another young man from church helped with the labor as well.


The whole process was really interesting.

You can’t just go laying pavers down on the ground willy nilly and expect a fabulous, long lasting patio.

The Hubs and I, who have no natural abilities in home repair, are so, so thankful for friends who know what they’re doing!


Almost done, and it’s looking great!


All done!

Here’s a view from my upstairs office window.

Love the little firepit he rigged up!


I’m lovin’ it!

Now I’m picturing french doors and planters along the edge and new outdoor furniture…

oops! I better not mention it in front of the Hubs.




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  1. I think your new patio looks wonderful. Of course, I had trouble keeping my eyes off your beautiful back yard. Ours is just a piney stick forest. Sigh.

    Lovin' your Wellies, too. I have some on my wish list, but considering the fact that we've been in drought conditions here for years, I probably wouldn't get much fun out of them.

  2. LOVE your new patio with pavers. I'm getting a new deck (thanks hurricane Irene) and I hope it makes my backyard look as lovely as your backyard.

  3. Gosh, your patio looks huge! What a pretty backyard.

  4. Wow, Elizabeth! Lucky you! It looks fabulous! And the French doors, plants and furniture will too!!

    God is so good, isn't He?
    Have a happy Friday!!

  5. Your new patio is wonderful - and I can 'see' the French Doors and plants and your new dreamy furniture, too. I want a paver patio outside the double doors installed in our room but my sweetheart thinks it's not the best choice for the hot tub. I'll just have to enjoy yours!

  6. There is nothing like a new pair of wellies, enjoy. What a great new space you have, enjoy!

  7. Looks great !!! I one the boots and rug too!!! Sara

  8. The patio looks great! I would love to enlarge our patio. Jackie

  9. I am jealous of your patio! Very nice!!

  10. Love it!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!


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