Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wishes and Promises…



A wish is ethereal

Blowing away on the wind

God’s Promises are made of substance

Tested and tried

Rock solid


When the storms come

When the winds blow fierce

My emotions may blow hither and yon

But in my spirit there is a Strong Place

Built on Truth, not circumstances

Built on Word and Promises

Tested and tried

Rock solid

So I quiet my tumultuous emotions, and hush my anxious thoughts

And look to see that my feet are planted on Solid Rock



Tested and tried



Still following,



  1. capture well the difference in wishes and promises...simple yet prfound the differences...and the storms will come...

  2. beautiful post. such concise, foundational truth. thank you. visiting from ann's today :)

  3. Good post...I love the song...just downloaded from itunes...thanks

  4. Oh that I would be found on the Rock, Christ Jesus. I want to set my roots deep, so that when the storms come I will not be moved!

  5. oh, i've missed you friend. you always offer such beauty, such wisdom. thank you.

  6. You expressed it. . . perfectly (seems inadequate). I have been battling, "wishing you well. . . wishing you blessings." I need another vehicle to deliver my sentiment!!

    I've stood on that rock. I've been buffetted by brutal winds that tried to break me. And, God, tested and true, kept me safe and strong! It is about calming your breath, controlling your thoughts. My thoughts were, "Just be with me." And He was.

    Your words are a blessing reminder!


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