Saturday, August 6, 2011




I once heard someone say that we must get “back to Genesis”,

back to the belief that the God of  Bible is the Creator of heaven and earth, of the plants, the animals,

of human beings.

The speaker said that our moral, spiritual decline is directly connected to our straying from this truth.

I think he was right. 

Why respect or place value on anything or anyone if they are just an accident, a result of happenstance?

It’s when we believe that people are God created, created in His image,

that we place value on them and treat life as precious.

I think he was right, it’s time to get back to Genesis.

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  1. Love the colors in this photo. Visiting from Scripture & a Snapshot

  2. Love the picture and love the post! I totally believe that we do need to get back to Genesis!!

  3. Love it, love it :)
    Thank you so much!


  4. well said!!! I am going back to Genesis.. all the way back, and I believe

  5. so true! Love the picture. Have a wonderful vacation.

  6. Beautiful photo. Believe you are right. Also believe we need to "shut the world" out more in order to hear HIS voice better/clearer and constantly. The world is right there in our faces 24/7 and it takes a very open heart to HIM to put the world on the back burner and just sit quietly with HIM. My personal walk with HIM is always richer when my heart/mind/soul is only on HIM. Blessing.

  7. Beautiful photo and colors! It is sad how many people view Genesis as just a fable, not as the true History of the World.

  8. Amazing! I love it! What a great post!!!

  9. Elizabeth,
    Great shot, but I LOVE the pic in your header. Oh, old bikes, there is something so fun about them, yes?

    Nice meeting you!

  10. Well said, Elizabeth! We were just discussing this in our prayer meeting yesterday! Christians who don't believe that God created the world, are basically in the camp that don't believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and are pretty much building their foundation on sinking sand, rather than solid rock!

  11. Amen! This is a stunning picture. Such beauty!!


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