Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He loves anyway…



There’s a reason He uses the word “poured”

God’s love has been “poured” out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit*

It’s the Divine Flow*

His love to me, then through me to others

My job is to keep the conduit clean, free flowing

To let love flow

To me when I feel undeserving, because I am

yet He loves anyway

Through me to the one that rubs me the wrong way, that I find difficult to love

yet He loves anyway

The family member who isn’t doing things the way I think they should do them

yet He loves anyway

The church goer who is twisting up their own life through disobedience, but blames God

yet He loves anyway

The one who wanders in, high on drugs, caught in immorality, sobbing on my Sunday clothes

yet He loves anyway

The daughter in the Lord who used to worship with us, now a prodigal

yet He loves anyway

The immigrant, the immoral, the homeless, the harlot, the rich, the rude

yet He loves anyway

Me, just the conduit, the pipeline, and it’s easier said than done

but all I have to do is keep the pipe clean, unclogged

and let His Love, He Who Loves Anyway, flow unhindered




Still following,


*Romans 5:5 Amplified Bible

* I first heard the term “The Divine Flow” in a booklet by that name by John Osteen, Joel’s father


  1. Yes, "He love anyway".... Such a great reminder of His never-ending, unfailing, unconditional love to ALL of man! Beautiful!

  2. thinking on this .. humbled by His mercy.

  3. This is a beautiful verse. It tells ma a truth I so often forget. He loves through me, as well as loves me. :)

  4. Wonderful thoughts - so true! We have seen His love flowing through the conduits of grace over the past few days. It's a sweet privilege to let Him flow through us.

  5. Oh my goodness, Multnomah Falls has to be one of the prettiest places I've ever been in my life--standing up at the top of that first picture and looking out over the Columbia River was one of the highlights of my life--I can't believe you have it so close to you--

    And yet close to all of us is the opportunity for this freeflowing love that surges up in our beings like a flood of mighty waters--

    This is beautiful, Elizabeth, the Falls and the writing and YOU!

    love, Dianne

  6. Love flowing unhindered - a great idea, so difficult to really see or feel it happening. Strange how 'unhindered' requires so much discipline, huh...

  7. yet He loves true

    great piece and valuable words

  8. every time, i meet Christ in your words. every.time.

  9. I am so thankful that He loves me anyway!


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