Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday's Favs…Old library table

My challenge this week was to think of something to share without having done any projects or made any purchases…I didn’t even try any new recipes to share with you.  Oh, except I made the most delicious fish tacos!  Hubs liked them so much he asked for them twice in one week! I didn’t photograph the process though, so maybe next week I will have to make them again and share the recipe.

This week I decided to share with you my very first ever refinishing project.  I did it years ago when we lived in the little white parsonage on Mt. Hood.  My mother in law gave me what she called a “library table”.  It was covered in a thick black lacquer finish.  What a job it was to strip it and sand it!  Afterwards I gave it a simple oil stain finish.  To this day, it’s one of my favorite things in our home.



For years I would face the table with the rickety old drawer against the wall.

This is the way the drawer was when it was given to me.

Now the drawer side faces out, and I just consider it part of the old table’s charm.


She has dainty legs.

(And yes, I still absolutely LOVE the $1 a square foot Craig’s list wood floor that my handy man son in law and the men from our church put in our downstairs last summer.)


A reminder from Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 Gifts,  Eucharisteo (giving thanks) ALWAYS precedes the miracle,

sits on the old table.


Over the table hangs this tapestry from my mama.

It’s another of my favorite things.


If it wasn’t so expensive I would have it reframed.

In the meanwhile, I have painted the frame changing it from its original brown

to red, and now recently to dark gray with some distressing.


That’s it for this Friday’s Favs.

I hope you all have a Happy Friday and a blessed weekend!


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  1. Your table is gorgeous! What a big project it was - and, yes, I DO remember that parsonage at Mt. Hood. I had dinner there when our friends pastored there! I love the way you've put everything together with your table. Do share the fish taco recipe soon. Please.

  2. Elizabeth,
    What wonderful treasures!
    The table is beautiful. I have heard of fish tacos, but never had them, never made them.
    The tapestry is lovely and the floor looks terrific!

  3. Your library table is such a beautiful piece! And so versatile too....

  4. What an absolutely beautiful table Elizabeth! And I would love that fish tacos recipe! I have made it my goal to perfect making them and so far I've come close but still not quite right so I'm up for trying a new recipe for sure. :-) Thanks so much for sharing with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous table! Love the setting..totally! Everything looks so perfect here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  6. Eucharisteo (giving thanks) ALWAYS precedes the miracle
    This is a wonderful reminder. Gorgeous table, tapestry, framing. I'm glad you take a rest now and again. You have a lovely aesthetic.

  7. Nice table, but I love your framed saying!

  8. What a beautiful table and I love the little Eucharisteo sign!!!!

  9. This is a wonderful table, thanks so much for sharing it. You did a great job, I've refinished a few things like you mentioned, just black with old varnish! Have a great weekend, xo Debra

  10. Such a gorgeous table-love it and I love the old drawer. Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  11. I'm so honored that you chose to join the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Thank you for adding this special masterpiece to rock my party :)


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