Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Robin’s Easy Strawberry Cake…

One of my best friends turned 50 last week.

She didn’t want any one to make a “big deal” about it.

So her husband and I made a “little deal” about it…

just a few friends gathering for dinner at her favorite restaurant,

followed by cake and ice cream and games at my house.

I decided to give Robin’s Easy Strawberry Cake a try.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Fresh, mashed strawberries in the cake give it a fabulous pink color

and fill it with moist, delicious, strawberry goodness!

001 copy

003 copy

More fresh, mashed strawberries go in the buttercream frosting.

It tastes like summer on a plate I’m telling ya!!!

(Next time I’m going to try this with cream cheese frosting!)

004 copy

005 copy

Sorry for the not so great evening photos to follow.

Let’s just say, everyone LOVED it!

023 copy

026 copy

Thanks Robin, for your delicious recipe!


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  1. When I was little, I always wanted strawberry cake for my birthday. It had less to do with the taste than it did with the color pink, but I loved it anyway. Strawberry cake gives me the warm fuzzies to this day.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, your cake looks yummy! Not only pretty but deelishhhhhhhh! Love the frosted berry too, wonderful, thanks for sharing the recipe. Stopping by via Sarah's Beach Cottage tonight, have a wonderful Wednesday, tami

  3. wow, wow, wow. and also wow.

    as a certified Lover of All Things Strawberry, i have got to try that recipe. your cake? turned out beautifully.

    and i love that you made a big deal of your friend's big day. (just one of the numerous ways you rock.)

  4. This sounds and looks so delish!! YUM!!

    Happy BC Good Life Wednesday :O)

  5. Happy 50th to your friend! Your strawberry cake looks YUMMY!!! So sweet of you. :)


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