Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tightening up the belt of truth…


What difference would it have made in my life if, in late September of 2009, I hadn’t taken pen to journal page and written: 1)I am lavished with love, grace and favor by Jesus.  It was the first of what will, in the next few days, become 1000, and I am still counting.  I had no idea that in the time represented between that first entry and now, youngest daughter would move to the midwest, second daughter, son-in-law, oldest granddaughter and only grandson would move to the east coast, oldest daughter and her husband, who served as our assistants for 12 years, would start their own church birthed by our church with a core group of people dear to us, my Mama would die.  The changes have been soul shaking.  Yet through it all, each time I take pen to that same little journal and write 981…982…983…I am tightening up the belt of truth and remembering the truth that, no matter the circumstances and changes life brings, I am lavished with love, grace and favor by Him.  The signs are all around me everyday.


“Awaken in me a holy givenness that is not just periodic but perpetual. 

Move me into the place where I am looking for You,

finding signs of Your love in the everyday

and responding amidst ordinary activities with extraordinary love.” Dana Candler


my continuing gratitude list


-family dinner with oldest daughter, son-in-law and baby granddaughter

-baby granddaughter squeezing her eyes shut, raising her hands, and singing,

“Hoe-wee, Hoe-wee, Woard God Awmighty.”

-Hub’s warmth next to me

-flowers from friends


-brown eggs in porcelain cartons


-God singing over us and us singing back “My soul sings, My soul sings, My soul sings, how I love You.”

-grocery store full of choices

-the smell of dinner in the oven

-phone calls and Skype

-praying together

-egg with sunny yellow yolk and multi-grain toast to sop it up with

-the Hubs prayers for me and encouragement and help with chores when I wasn’t feeling well

-a walk with a friend and her encouragement

-this book



-a visit from my sister –in –law


Gratefully yours,



joining the gratitude gatherers here-


  1. Gratitude. One of God's greatest blessings.

  2. Visiting again because your eucharisteo photo caught my eye. I am reading One Thousand Gifts and am being so blessed by it. Blessing to you!

  3. Elizabeth - I don't know if I've told you this yet, but you are such a blessing to me. When I read your gratitudes today, I realized just how wonderful my list would be if I would just take the time to sit down and start writing it out. Thank you, friend. Once again, you have inspired me and blessed me. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  4. I'm soaking in your words and list as if they were my own...

  5. loved the flowing nature of this post

  6. Love your framed reminder. The eggs in the porcelain cartons - beautiful. And I like mine cooked just like you.

  7. Beautiful. I love thinking about God singing over us. Thanks!

  8. Ah! The worship of baby granddaughter. How precious!

    I love your gratitude lists, Elizabeth. Thanks for the encouragement.


  9. This is my first visit to your blog and I have to say I find it very peaceful. I love your photos and your thankful heart. I am just beginning this 1000 blessings so I am excited to see that you stuck with it and are still going. It does seem to change perspective as we look at the ordinary with grateful eyes and hearts.


  10. Beautiful words to read, especially the imagery of 'tightening the belt of truth.' Your granddaughter's singing reminded me of my own little ones when they were so young learning to sing praises, and that very song was one they too learned. I remember my youngest daughter riding her trike down the sidewalk singing that very song :-)

  11. lovely.
    and love the dana quote.
    her book, deep unto deep, humbled
    my heart a few years ago. and now
    i'm reading ann voskamp's book..
    and am being changed. needful.

    adrienne told me to visit you.
    so i am - and so thankful to be
    doing so. love your little online
    cottage filled with things important
    to the life of a believer. :o)


  12. I am just so glad I stopped by here today! I'm learning that gratitude now and then is NOTHING like the perpetual gratitude you speak of here. This just flows from your post today, and I'm just so blessed by it! Thank you so much!!!!


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