Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wasn’t it just yesterday?


Wasn’t it just yesterday that I wrote Mama a letter telling her I loved her and I’d miss her

and left the next day to move into that college dorm room a state away?

In a blink she was 85 and four weeks ago we buried her on a cold and windy day.

Time doesn’t march on, it really does fly, and it flies at supersonic speed

and life really is a vapor

and I can’t grasp it to hold it back and tell it Whoa! Slow down! Slow down!

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was a 19 year old bride saying “I do” on a hot, summer afternoon

wearing the dress that Mama meticulously sewed for me out of seventeen dollars worth of fabric and lace?

Now that dress lies folded up in the trunk full of memories, next to some wee, little dresses and bonnets worn by three little girls that filled our house with giggles and songs and squabbles and love.

Wasn’t it just yesterday?


Oldest granddaughter and only grandson were grafted into the family and filled the house with the laughter of children once again…blink, and they’re almost seven and almost eight.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I sang “You are my sunshine…please don’t take my sunshine away” to a bald, little baby girl and told the whole world “I have a grandson!” on the day he was born?

Baby granddaughter, miracle after 10 years of prayers and tears, infertility and loss.  I baked a birthday cake and brought it to the hospital and we all ate cake and laughed and cried happiness.

Wasn’t that just yesterday? 

Last week we watched as she blew out two candles and we all ate cake and clapped at the big girl who could ride her new tricycle.

Time it flies at supersonic speed, and it really is a vapor

and I can’t grasp it to hold it back and tell it Whoa! Slow down! Slow down!

If this life was all there was, I would be most miserable. 

It all goes so fast, too fast.

But my hope is built, and this momentary life, it’s but the dressing room for eternity.

When they lie down, when they get up, when we walk together and talk together

I talk about the forever life and the real place with the real God

and the One Way to get there

and I remind them that then there will be no more good-byes

and time will be no more.

This Truth is the Rock beneath my feet that doesn’t shake as time flies by at supersonic speed

and it’s a sure foundation, not a vapor, but Solid Rock.



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  1. Oh, it seems just yesterday that I was celebrating all those same things, my friend. Tomorrow I will share a 'story' on my blog that was shared by a dear friend at her birthday party last Sunday - it goes along with your words today. Thank you. We need to keep it all in perspective, don't we, and make the most of every minute!

  2. Wow! That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm crying.

    That's all I have for right now.

  4. Elizabeth, beautiful and heart-felt. I was reminded of the song "Blink", as I read it. Still continuing to think of you & lift you up to HIM.

  5. Beautiful post. The days blur together, yet the memories are so fresh. Each day is a gift.

  6. So beautiful. I thought of this a lot when Chickie was little. It helped me hold on to her babyhood and childhood. I'm glad of that.
    It is fleeting, and time flies by faster each year.
    Thank you, Elizabeth, for this beautiful reflection!

  7. ah. she is right about the song jumped in my head as all goes way too fast yet seems at times as if it were only yesterday...

  8. Oh Elizabeth...absolutely breathtaking post!!! Such a gentle reminder from our Father the significance of lining our priorities with His!!! I so agree with Karen and Brian...I could hear the words to "Blink" as I continued to read your post!!
    Just wanted to give a link for you all to "Blink".

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Sharon

  9. Tears! I almost picked up the phone to ask Mom if she had snow this morning. The time flies by so quickly that my mind sometimes has a hard time keeping up.

  10. Blink, it's gone...and we're left recalling. Lovely writing.

  11. the dressing room for eternity...

    there were so many lines in this that i wanted to underline, but this particular phrase stood out... thank you for this, elizabeth, this reminder that it is all just vapor, and i need to squeeze my loves tight. xo

  12. My baby turned three yesterday and I'm wondering where the time went. As you reminded us, I'm ever so grateful for eternity and that as time passes, we are(hopefully) sanctified.

  13. It was just yesterday. Time flies – and one day will end – and then begin. It has a life – just like ours. And amen – beneath it all, beneath everything is the “Rock” unchanging.

    I really enjoyed this today.

    God Bless you and all of yours

  14. Beautifully inspirational post today, Elizabeth. And oh, so true......As the years go by, we tend to grasp at the tiniest of moments to hold on to them knowing all too well that they will be gone in an instant leaving sweet memories and a full heart. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  15. so beautifully written. this life truly is a vapor. i love your words and title of your blog.



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