Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silly me…

When it comes to crafts I have no patience for long, drawn out, fussy, detailed projects.

Quick results, that’s what I want.

If it’s messy, then I want quick even more.

I cannot deal with mess laying around for days.

So when I saw some cute little clay tags on

Heaven’s Walk

I thought it looked like my kind of project.

I emailed Laurie and asked how to make them.

She was so sweet to email me back. 

She told me to buy clay that air dries

and roll it out with a rolling pin not used for cooking


(here’s what I did to insure the thickness was even)

then use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes


make a hole so the tags can be hung

and stamp letters or words on them.

Easy peasy, right?

I emailed Laurie back and asked her what brand of clay she used and what she used to stamp on the letters.

But then I went to Walmart to buy youngest granddaughter’s birthday present,

(it’s a tricycle, shhh, don’t tell),

and instead of waiting for Laurie’s answer I saw this for only 4.97 and bought it,


and these for only 3.97.


I was thinking how smart I was for finding the clay so cheap,

and how the raised letters on these beads was going to be perfect

to stamp words onto the clay tags.

You all are probably way more sharp than me and are realizing the problem with my thinking.

The letters are backwards when stamped into the clay.

Anyway, when I got home, there was the email from Laurie telling me the best brand of clay to use,

which was not Crayola brand from Walmart.

We will see when my clay tags dry if I wasted my 4.97.

She also told me what to get to properly stamp the letters.

In the meanwhile, I was able to make a few not so perfect “trial” ones.





Still following,


updated: from Laurie’s email:
There are various types of clay depending on the ifnished look you want, Elizabeth.  Kato clay produces a more finished, fired-clay look.  DAS clay produces a more rustic, unfinished look.
I bought clear stamped words and alphabets at Michaels/Hobby Lobby. I also purchased a metal alphabet stamp set on Ebay.


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  1. I can't wait to see how these turn out!

  2. they ARE cute! ;)
    i don't follow directions well when crafting--it just doesn't fit with my attention span.
    great idea to use the sticks(skewers?) to check your thickness. i NEVER would have thought of that!

  3. OK, Elizabeth, Inquiring minds want to know . . . what clay and stamps did Laurie recommend? :-) Looking forward to seeing the end result of your project.

  4. Oh you poor girl! I did have to giggle at the way you told your crafting dilemma, though. :) I have learned that crafting is all about trial and error, believe me. I'm the same type of impatient crafter as you are. :) Your tags don't look that bad, Elizabeth. Not at all! Heck...you should'ave seen the first ones I did. lolol! Keep going with them. Try again. You're doing just fine! ♥ (you are going to need different letter stamps though - and be sure not to press too hard....) :) I'm here if you need me!


    xoxo laurie


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