Thursday, January 20, 2011

The simple pleasure of reading…


My mama and daddy were avid readers.  So were the Hub’s mama and daddy.  The Hubs and I both love to read.  All of our siblings love to read.  Our daughters love to read, and now we are seeing our grandchildren learning to love books.  In the photo you can see the books I am currently reading, Jan Karon’s newest fiction book, (I love her Mitford series), Entirety by Dana Candler, and Ann Voskamp’s book, which just arrived from Amazon yesterday.

On my book wish list are

Organized Simplicity by  Tsh Osenreider of Simple Mom

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond aka the Pioneer Woman

Spirit of Food

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily of Chatting at the Sky

Save My Children by Emily of in the hush of the moon

Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

The Believer’s Secret of Waiting on God by Andrew Murray

Do you love to read?

What books are on your wish list?

I’d love for you to comment and let me know.


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  1. What a wonderful list of books. I am currently reading The 15 Minute Organizer by Emilie Barnes, The Prayer That Changes Everything by Stormie Omartian and Created To Be His Helpmeet.

    Nice to meet you.

    Blessing in Him<><

  2. Elizabeth we are enjoying the same!!!!!
    Ann's book arrived yesterday at my house too.
    I am so enjoying it. One of those that I will have to re-read!
    Great post.

  3. I love to read but usually only do so during the summer months. Any book not completed when summer ends, usually sits on my bedside table for quite some time. I have a stack of about 10 there right now. :/ Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  4. I'm an avid reader and adore Jan Karon's Mitford series, as well. I don't have her latest book shown here, but it's on my wish list.

  5. I am so impressed that you are able to read more than one book at a time. My faves are Christian fiction and I would have to say that Karen Kingsbury is tops for me. Last winter I read 14 of her books (Redemption, Firstborn, & Sunrise series) in just 3 months. Needless to say, I was hooked. She writes in such a way that you feel like these are real friends and adds such encouragement by the way they deal with their situations, even quoting scriptures. Love that. I guess fiction is just the season of life I am going through.

  6. I love reading. Right now into Terry Blackstock..hard to put down her books.

  7. One Thousand Gifts-Ann Voskamp
    God's Best Secrets-Andrew Murray
    Spirit, Soul & Body-Andrew Wommack


  8. I wish I loved to read! My mother is an avid reader as is one of my sisters. I have never been able to really enjoy it and want to do it. Despite my lack of loving it I ALWAYS made it a point to read with both of my daughters when they were little. Thankfully they LOVE reading and can't get enough of it. :)


  9. It is my greatest pleasure - reading! I have about two to three books at one different nooks in the cottage :)

    I am reading...Wind in the Willow, a Simple Life, and a Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.


  10. I do love to read. I go through seasons where I like different genres. Right now, I'm into more nonfiction Christian lit more than fiction.

  11. I do want to read the one thousand gifts
    The most wonderful book if you havent read it
    Redeeming Love by Francie Rivers , Francine is one of my favorites, Currently I am reading Elizabeth Edwards ressilence, Beth Moore is a favorite also . Beverly Lewis and Jeanette Oaks are great writers ...oh my I could go on and on

  12. I also like reading and usually have two books going at the same time.

  13. My mother was a librarian when I was growing up, so reading was an institution in our family. We kids were always in books clubs and contests at the library and have held on to that love of reading to this day. I love anything by Joan Anderson, Dorothea Benton Frank, Stormie O'Martin, and am now wanting to read something by Thomas Merton. Kerrie at Sea Cottage is always posting such beautiful inspirational thoughts taken from TM, and they soothe my soul so much...

    xoxo laurie

  14. I love books!
    Especially christian contemplative books.
    I've ordered Ann's and simply can't wait to read it!
    I'll check out some of those others on your book list too :-)

  15. I just finished In the Company of Others; it was marvelous!
    A friend loaned my hubby "Out of the Comfort Zone: the Church in Transition" by Dudley Hall; very interesting and insightful so far.

  16. I love to read! I read as much as I can squeeze in during my "free" time. :) I don't really have a wish list right now since I already have so much to read! Most are Bible based study aids but I enjoy reading one "fun" book a month when I have time.


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