Monday, January 3, 2011

just some $4 flowers and a walk…

God created beauty to minister to the spirit of man.

I read this somewhere long ago and I wholeheartedly believe it.


I wake up with my spirit feeling a little frayed at the edges.

I have good intentions.  I know how to fight it.

Journal, read my Bible, pray.

I journal a bit and barely start reading scriptures that I have printed out on the topic of HOPE…my theme word for 2011, when the phone rings, and then more calls, emails, interruptions, concerns, prayer needs, appointments to calendar in.  I feel as though the enemy has a hold of those loose, frayed, threads and is pulling with all his might.

I go to Mama’s to check on her and meet with the hospice nurse.

On the way home I run into Safeway for a gallon of fat free milk

and come out with a $4 bunch of carnations too.

When I get home I plunk them in some shapely pitchers and jars,

here and there around the house.




I put on my runners, my coat and my knit cap and gloves

and catch the last hour of frosty, clear, cold daylight before sunset.

  I discover that the IPOD is not charged, so I softly sing my praise acappella as I walk.


I walk two loops around the neighborhood,

my fingers tingling with the cold in spite of the gloves.

The sun flirts with me through the trees before saying goodnight.


The beauty He created knits me back together.


Still following,



All Things Heart and Home


  1. Oh, if it wasn't so late - and so dark - I'd go walking! Think I'll buy some flower tomorrow. Just for me! Yes, that's exactly what I need. But first, a good night's sleep!

  2. You just hit upon two of the things that sooth my spirit, too.

  3. Beauty and nature do that to me as well....nothing like admiring the creativity of THE Creator, to make you feel whole again. Thanks for the reminder! Blessings. Paula <3

  4. I love the outdoors, it feeds my sould like no other. Especially to look at the ocean with snow capped mountains behind...

  5. Love that line about the sun--

    You always inspire me!

    Back to the Word I go amidst the things that distract me--


  6. I am so glad you came by "Being Woven" for now I have come here and feel so blessed with the carnations, milk bottles, and words to encourage. Words needed this morning!

    I live in Portland, TX and you in Portland, OR, once a home of mine. I lived there from 1978-1982 and then to Bend for a long ski season (my younger days with ability to ski!). I loved the Portland area, working at Clackamas Community College. I have missed the NW at times and hope to get away from this Portland one day as does my husband. We are across the bay from Corpus Christi.

    I will be holding you in my prayers as you care for your mother and for yourself. That seems to be the harder part some days, doesn't it?

    Caring through Christ as we walk our paths, ~ linda

  7. This is my first visit to your blog, and I am now following. Your blog is GORGEOUS!!! Simply beautiful!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  8. God's beauty through Mother Nature is unmatchable...I so agree. Beautiful white flowers, Crisp sparkling white snow like diamonds with the sun shining on it...white drops of water blown by the wind from a fountain does renew the soul. Thanks for a moving post. Just finished a long battle and vigil with my mom fighting cancer and Hospice was wonderful. Hugs...

  9. I have white pitchers on my mantle and a grocery store bouquet brightening the winter places in my heart and home as well. I love this post. Praying for you, my friend, and the HOPE He has promised you.

  10. New follower from All Things Heart & Home! What a beautiful post!


  11. Hmmmm...thanks for this sweet and
    encouraging word. I enjoyed it very

  12. This is what I needed to hear today June 21 because my family has gone from wonderful health to 2 cancers, heart attack, Crohn's hospitalization, and stroke (5 different family members all with past 3 weeks). God is holding their hands while they go through these health issues.


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