Friday, January 7, 2011

Hope in God…


Since my theme word for 2011 is HOPE I couldn’t resist taking this picture when baby granddaughter and I were playing together the other day.

This scripture from the Psalms seemed to be a perfect fit.

Still following,



  1. Great way to illustrate the truth of His Word!

  2. I love it! I think you ought to put it on your sideboard for the Year of Hope.

  3. This is what I've been saying since precious sister in Lord gave me Christmas ornament of dancing slippers, and said "the Lord said Dance", along with two hand towels with word "HOPE" on them, and a gold glittered ornament of the word "HOPE". I believe you have heard Him for the whole Body of Christ for this year of 2011. Love the childlike example. We are all 'coming as little children' in this hour aren't we. Hoping with you Elizabeth, and for you. LOL

  4. I love the way David talks to his soul--sometimes I do that too.

    This is just delightful, dear friend.

    Love you,

  5. Oh I love this -great shot and scripture.

  6. How beautiful! Let's hope together...

  7. I love this, absolutely love it. I think being a new mother with these same blocks lying around (plus, having used them for photo purposes) and constantly hoping in the Lord make this photo very real and moving for me. Thank you!

  8. Love it! I needed to be reminded of Psalm 42:5, great timing. Great shot!

  9. This is fabulous! A simple hope in God will help just about anything!

    PS - I love that you have the original Little People! Thankfully, my mom kept all of mine and my kids play with them when they're at Grandma's too. :)

  10. Great shot for the scripture, Elizabeth!

  11. Love this!! So creative and a very good point! Hope in God! Amen!

    I miss my little toys now... :)

  12. Wow! I am LOVING the creativity here! You need to frame this!


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