Wednesday, January 5, 2011



This $4 bunch of white carnations has gotten an awful lot of attention by me on my blog this week!

Every day they’ve brought a smile to my face and even the Hubs said, “I like having fresh flowers in the house.”  

To me this translates into permission granted to buy them more often!

In the summer I have daisies and hydrangeas and other “free” flowers to bring inside,

but having fresh flowers in the house in the winter is most definitely a simple pleasure!




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  1. I couldn't agree more, Elizabeth. I adore fresh flowers. Your window setting is just perfect!

  2. I love fresh flowers too, they bring the outside in and having them during winter is special. Lovely photos!

  3. great simple pleasure. The smell of flowers is the best...

  4. I'm sitting here looking at a little vase of assorted flowers that the husband got at the farmer's market. I totally understand this simple pleasure because it's definitely one of mine.

    Frugal as I am, I just think a simple bunch of flowers is worth the extra pennies. Love this.

  5. Oh this is just beautiful! The simplicity of the white unassuming, but so direct in their beauty!

    Thank you for sharing...

    Maria - a housewife :)

  6. Oh Elizabeth...I found the carnations in the La Grande (OR) Safeway yesterday! Now I have some of those beautiful white blossoms with the spicy fragrance. I blogged about them today, and about their connection to my new teddy bear.

  7. Love, Love , Love it ... your window just gave me a idea from my kitchen window !! hope you dont mine me being a copy cat

  8. Thank you for visiting my blogs. I lived in KC for 18 mos. in 1999-2000 at the birth of IHOP. I was a part of the night watch team. But I spent many hours in IHOP daily with my four children too. I was a home educator so it was easy to bring them along. Misty moved there the month after we did, so I met her when she was only 19yrs old. Her prophetic singing peirced my heart every time and tears would flow down my face like a waterfall. It was very hard to move back to Cali but it was what the Doctors told my hubby to do. I got very sick there and almost died. When we moved back home I slowly got well and the LORD healed me of different things. Many fears took hold of me through that was traumatic. When we drove through the Sierra Nevadas we were in awe and cried deeply. We were home. He has restored so much. Our home *Sea Cottage* is on healon way. And He has healed me here. I have been able to enter into His promised rest and live a quiet, contemplative life. Recently He lead me to the Catholic is the faith my husband grew up in...more restoration is taking place. A returning to the Father. Currently He is leading me deeper in abiding. Without His love, I am nothing.

    I recently removed my follower buttons from my blogs...I am sorry for the inconvenience. If you have a bloglist you can just add me to it and then visit as often as you like.

  9. I totally agree Elizabeth! I've had the same thoughts lately; must p/up a small bundle just to brighten the winter days.

  10. Well, I know they cheered me up on an earlier post--love them! and you, dear friend.


  11. Beautiful! Fresh flowers displayed in a pitcher is my favorite.They are perfect to brighten dreary winter days.

  12. I love carnations and their delicate fragrance. My hubby loves fresh flowers in the house too.
    You have a perfect spot on the window ledge for your lovely pitcher :-)
    It looks just beautiful filled with simple white carnations!


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