Monday, November 8, 2010

Puddle Splashin’…



I grew up only ten miles south of where we live now.

Life brought us full circle over a decade ago, the Hubs and I moved back here near my childhood home.

As a girl I loved the rainy Northwest.

Loved the sound of the rain on my roof at night.

Loved walking to the corner store with my little friend from down the street

us huddled under one umbrella while the rain poured down from gray Oregon skies.

At age 52, too much of the rain, and I get Palm Springs on my mind.

So I decided to get in touch with my inner child

and her puddle slashin’ ways.

I bought a pair of shiny, new, black, wellies

and a pair of long, warm, woolie socks

and I took them for their inaugural walk

on this rainy Oregon day…

this beautiful, rainy Oregon day.







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  1. love those rainboots. i wear mine every time i hear that it "might" rain. i don't need too much of an excuse to go splashing, either. great pics!

  2. Well, I learned something new today. I saw "wellies" in your gratitude list and wondered what in the world that was--so I "googled" it and found out--if I would have just had a little patience, I would have found out tonight--LOL

    I do love them though and I love rainy weather actually more than sunny. So I would be a natural for Oregon--guess I will just have to put up with all these sunny bright skies here in Arkansas!

  3. I'm so glad rainboots, galoshes, wellies, or any other name they go by, are back in style. They are so practical on a rainy day!

  4. Nice photos! I love your embracing of the Northwest and remembering those childhood days. So essential when the rain comes, isn't it?

  5. Love your new wellies! Thinking I need to add some to my supply of walkin'-in-the-Oregon-rain gear. Just thinking, since I have a dog to walk now!

  6. You know, both of my daughters wear wellies. I have looked at theirs a time or twenty and thought about doing the exact same thing.

    Just splashing about in the rain. In my head, I look like Gene Kelley, too.

    This is great, and your photos are wonderful too!

  7. Hi! I just came over from Tuesday's Unwrapped and was so excited to read that you are an Oregon blogger too! So fun to meet other NW folks, especially ones that love Jesus! :-) As I type this the rain is pouring down and I'm so grateful for my kiddos because their love for the rain and the joy of splashing helps me to appreciate it even more!
    Blessings to you,
    P.S. I'm a new follower!

  8. I saw yellow polka-dotted ones this spring and almost bought them!

  9. so beautiful. i have a pair of wellies quite like those, a steal on eBay last fall. i hope you enjoy many more puddles in the wet months ahead.

  10. There is something wonderfully childlike about splashing in puddles and enjoying the rain! The wellies I bought when I lived in Scotland (as a grown-up) finally taught me to enjoy it! Sweet post!


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