Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eye exercises…

My baby brother was born with crossed eyes.  I remember when, as a wee little toddler, he had to have corrective eye surgery.  He came home from the hospital with a patch on his eye and his little arms and hands all bandaged up to keep him from touching it.  Afterwards, he had to do eye exercises to strengthen his eye muscles.

This gratitude gathering is an awful lot like those eye exercises.  It’s a retraining of the “eye muscles”,  if you will, to see the abundance of blessings all around us in our daily life.  Many of us are born with defective vision…eyes that are prone to see the things that are wrong in our lives, the things we lack.  It’s not too late for some eye exercises.  Start gathering gratitude.  It’s good for your eyes.


My continuing gratitude list #690-#700


-BEAUTY- FULL fall days










-the neighbor trimming the huge fir trees- for free!


-while baby sitting baby granddaughter she slept 12 solid hours each night she was here!


-good books


-a need met for youngest daughter


-daughter in a car wreck…but not hurt!


-Yo-cream (YUMMM! and sharing it with baby granddaughter FUN!)


-Yummy fresh veggies and turkey sausage sautéed and mixed with whole grain pasta and parmesan cheese (YUMMM!)


-date day with the Hubs…a gorgeous drive in the country








-Saturday morning Skype call with my daughter and oldest granddaughter and only grandson


-a long overdue pantry clean out-done!


Gratefully yours,


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  1. Great thoughts about gratitude! It always 'adjusts' my vision. Love your photos of your sweet granddaughter. Photo of the falls near my home make me wonder if you were out my way for your drive in the country. And it makes me realize the beauty right 'under my nose'!

  2. That is such a great list!! And beautiful photos!!

  3. My gratitude this week has been for eyesight. confirms. As I've driven from lesson to lesson to teach, each day is just a panorama of delicious colors, and sometimes (quick peek while driving) the Master Painter has let me catch a swath of strung out clouds, like when an artist is just using up the very last pain on his brush. Beautiful! Thank you God for the beauty You have created for us to see. And it's free!

  4. Elizabeth, as I've come to expect, your grateful heart is as beautiful as your photographs. I really do love them.

    And... isn't SKYPE the greatest???

  5. oh my. stunning!

    Visiting from the gratitude community-and enjoying my journey!

    Lovely bits of grace, all.

  6. Great reminder to "test my vision"!
    I played around with a D5000 this weekend; think there is one in my future!:)

  7. Stopping by from Ann's. . .

    that red coat and hat are just too cute!

    I love the analogy of flexing our gratitude muscles!

  8. That is a perfect analogy Elizabeth. We can train our eyes to see the blessings - and when we do we receive so much in return.
    I love your pictures and your lovely list.

  9. cute little baby!! =)


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