Sunday, August 1, 2010

Touching the eternal…

As I watched my two oldest grandbabies playing on the beach I felt God speak to my heart.
“Of all the things of this earth, the only thing you touch that is eternal, is other people.”


Seven years ago, this brown eyed beauty with her contagious smile came into our lives.
She captured my heart from day one.
Six years ago, I was there on the day my little buddy was born.
I told everyone I met, stranger or not, “I have a grandson!”


My daughter, her husband, and these two miracles have lived not far from Papa and I ever since.
In two and a half weeks they will be moving to the east coast for preparatory missions training before going to Ghana.
Even the anticipation of the separation is heart rending for me…from my daughter, from my grandbabies.
I remind myself that some parents/grandparents have never had their grown children or grandchildren close by.
Some have lost a child or grandchild to far worse than trying to pursue God’s will.
I remind myself to thank God for every precious moment He let us have them near.


I pray that my touch in their lives made an eternal difference.
I know their touch in mine certainly has.
I am so grateful for the privilege of being Nana. (#534)

my continuing gratitude list #535-545

-a beach trip with the grandbabies

-the beautiful sea


-collecting the sea’s treasures



-that God heard this Nana’s heart cry


-cool morning air blowing through my office window, squirrels playing and chattering in the tree outside,  bird song

-little buddy learned to ride a bike this week

-red barns

-youth camp/changed lives


-a lazy morning after a late night

-ripe blackberries





Gratefully yours,
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  1. Praying for each of you. How wonderful that they are following God's call. Separations aren't easy even when it's the right thing! So special to spend time with the grandkiddos - they are beautiful!

  2. Elizabeth, this is so touching. These children treasure their Nana. I love you, and pray that while you are apart, when you are lonely for them, that you will just be able to look back on these beautiful pictures, and feel Jesus' arms wrapped around you and hear your grandchildren's laughter!! XXOO, Damaris

  3. Happy Birthday precious pastor. I agree with the background song: "Lord, take all I am"
    All is all. I have oftened wanted to ask God why He made some of the flowers without a scent. I mean, why be a flower? Life can have moments like that. Why be thss day? I'm going to ask Him when I get there, right after falling on my face in awe of His loving Glory, for several decades. Then I might remember my question. Had one of those moments today, then His great grace came and the phone rang. "Hi Mom, it's (son) You can call and talk with Miles (grandson) tonight around 7:00. He's only a prayer away. They are (all) only a phone call (or e-mail) away. His Grace is sufficient, no matter who, no matter what the situation. Jesus, hug everybody who reads this blog today. They all need it. Susan

  4. Dear Elizabeth, My son is in Malawi right now--but only for two weeks. My daughter is preparing for missions in Mexico--but only about two hours away from where I live, so I may be able to visit her there. We have friends from church whose children are on route back to Kenya right now, after a year furlough. I haven't been blessed with grandchildren yet, but I can imagine how hard it will be to let them go--but you know that they will be in Jesus' hands.

    Our Truth Project DVD last night also talked about how none of us are "mere mortals." We are all eternal. I thought of this post, and had to come back and comment.

    God bless you as you release your loved ones into His loving hands.


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