Monday, August 9, 2010

A reminder…

I called to check on her, a dear long time church member and friend.  She is recuperating from body maiming, life threatening, cancer.  In the course of the conversation, she asked about my daughter, son in law, and grandbabies that are moving away next week.  I got teary over the phone and told her how difficult it was for me, when suddenly I remembered.  She had been deprived of all contact with her grandchildren after her son went through a bitter, nasty divorce.  Mine are moving to pursue further training to return to Ghana as missionaries.   Sometimes God uses the suffering of others, to remind us how very, very much we have to be thankful for.

my continuing gratitude list #546-556

-birthday wishes on facebook

-birthday phone calls from friends and family far and near

-birthday prayers and songs from my grandbabies

-shapely glass bottles filled with flowers

-making potato salad with my grandbabies and them gobbling it up afterwards

-cards filled with loving words

-picking berries with oldest granddaughter

-campfires, s’mores, campfire games, and kids performing Bible skits


-good camping weather

-playing in the river


-a dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer to help with the after camping clean

Gratefully yours,

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  1. Yes, you are so right!

    Your camping trip looks like so much fun and happy, happy birthday!

  2. My daughter moved to Iowa, so I know exactly how you feel! She took my grandson with her, but I tried to talk her into leaving him here with me. She didn't go for it. :( lol

  3. oh, as the daughter who is taking babes away from a grandmother, i am convicted reading here. it's not easy -- on either side. be proud, though, that you raised one who follows His call, even when the path is lain with hard choices.

  4. When our son went to Bible College for his first year - when we returned home to his empty room, I thought my heart would wither up and die! One day as I stood, leaning against the door casing, sobbing as I looked into his room the Lord spoke to my heart: "Be thankful that you know where your son is - there are many parents who would give a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to know where their children are!" That was a turning point for me. While I missed him terribly I never again had such heart-rending tears at the 'tearing away' that happens when we let go and give our children to God.
    Praying for you, my friend,

  5. Oh Elizabeth, how hard it must be for your to say goodbye to your kids and grand babies! Praying for you and them as they follow the Lord's will for their lives.

    Remember, we are in no safer place, then directly in God's will....

    Praying for your aching heart during this transition period!

    Love you,


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