Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well cared for…

Loved undeservedly, unreservedly, completely, unconditionally, overwhelmingly
Forgiven freely, unbegrudgingly, totally
Blessed daily, abundantly, lavishly
Well cared for in every way
Thank You, Papa God

holy experience

my continuing gratitude list #507-#519

-icy cold melon on a hot summer day

-fresh ripe avocados made into guacamole

-Iced tea

-devotions outside


-phone calls to the grandbabies

-buying surprises to bring home to them

-exploring Joshua Tree National Park with my husband

-safe traveling for youngest daughter, oldest daughter and her family, and us (all traveling to different parts of the country at the same time)

-God speaking to me, leading me, dealing with me, tenderizing my heart

-a gift of flowers from our housesitter greeting us when we got home


-Papa playing backyard football with the grandbabies, followed by a treat of s’mores




-being back with our church family after being gone last Sunday

Gratefully yours,


  1. Mmmm - avocados! I love the idea of your list! Very cool! And that is one cute family you have!

  2. The picture of Pastor and the kids is great!!!

  3. "Well-cared for". That about says it all, huh? What a beautiful thanks you opened with. It really touched me... I am so blessed to be a child of God and so blessed to be in community with so many sisters in Christ from all over.


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