Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brass curtain rods???

I am terrible at painting.  There, I admit it.  Terrible with a capital T.  I can’t even paint my toenails without having to clean polish off my toes with a Q-tip and polish remover.  So, when we recently did our mini home makeover, (wood flooring downstairs, new carpet upstairs, new paint everywhere, new lighting everywhere), I didn’t lift a paint brush, but left that to the pros.

However, since we were trying to stay in budget, I did try to reuse our old brass curtain rods by spray painting them.  I bought some Rustoleum spray paint in a color called “hammered metal”, and when a sunny day finally came to Portland, spread them on some plastic in the back yard and went to town.

I told you I’m a terrible painter right?  When they were dry, big flakes of paint from off of the plastic stuck to the rods.  But, with a rag, I was able to wipe them off reasonably well.  Once they were up, and the curtains were hung, (Woolrich sailcloth curtains from Target.  I LOVE them!), my terrible painting wasn’t too noticeable.  So here’s a peek at my living room makeover and brass curtain rod transformation.
DSC_0001If I get  brave, I may try spray painting those lamps next in a brushed nickel paint.
I love my new Ikea pendant light, which replaced the brass fixture that used to be in the dining room.
The infamous curtain rods.
This wicker trunk replaced my more formal coffee table, at least for the summer.
It was a Ross clearance item.  I got it for $26, and doctored it’s scratches with shoe polish.DSC_0021



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  1. I love the look of your room - and I'm thrilled the way your curtain rods turned out. You may have started a new trend with pieces of plastic stuck here and there! Thanks for sharing your pretty rooms.

  2. It all looks Wonderful Elizabeth! You did an awesome job and I am so glad it has all come together and you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor and see all the blessings that God gave during this situation!

    Love and Blessings

  3. Oh yes, Elizabeth, do it...spray paint your table lamps. I spray paint everything including wood items. Your makeover looks so calming and peaceful. Enjoy the blessing!
    ps love the rug and wicker trunk

  4. You did a great job painting! Thanks for linkin' up to the PoPP.


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