Thursday, April 15, 2010

I simply remember my favorite things…Friday’s favs…I’m lovin’ apples!

When country decorating was all the rage and theme kitchens were in, I did apples here, apples there, apples, apples, everywhere!
I must confess I probably kept my apple-y decor way too long. The apple stenciling is now painted over and much of the apple decor long gone to the Goodwill.

But I just couldn’t part with some of my favorites
SDC14237 SDC14234 SDC14236 SDC14235

I think there are two reasons why I love apples…

First of all, the main reason is a Bible passage that says God’s children are the apple of His eye.  Whenever I think of that I think how it is human reflex to automatically protect your eye from any danger coming at it.  As the apple of God’s eye, I think of Him instinctively raising His great hand to protect us.

Secondly, when my girls were in elementary school, we were the pastors of a church in the Hood River valley of Oregon.


 We lived there at the base of Mt. Hood and in the middle of  acres and acres of apple orchards as well as pears, peaches,  and cherries. So we have many happy memories associated with my favorite fruit.

Oh, let’s be honest, there could be a third reason I love apples.

When I see this… 


I know that in a few months we will have this…


and this…


and this!


Happy Friday!


  1. certainly a lot of reasons to love apples! ♥ I eat one with peanut butter almost every day! lol

    Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Mmmmm! You're making me love apples too! I found you through TidyMom. Great site. Your view of that snow covered mountain is AMAZING!!!
    Rachymommy -

  3. YOU are the apple of HIS eye!! And PS. Is there anyway you can make your pictures, "Scratch 'n Sniff"!! YYUUMM!!

  4. Oh, I know my finding your blog was NO accident! I have been so blessed as I browsed and read and enjoyed your words and the music in the background. I'm so amazed as I read your words how my heart is in sync with yours. And then I read that you pastored in Hood River! I must tell you that my sweetheart and I were married one sweet January day and three months later we moved to Dufur to pastor a little, tiny church there. Our hearts still go back to that part of Oregon often and we feel as if our roots are there! The mountain and the apples are on our favorites list. Oh, my friend, if we ever have a chance to meet and chat I wonder what else we will find in common. Your words today are like sweet water to my soul. And to find a new 'nearby' friend is such a treasure!


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