Monday, April 19, 2010

Developing a mindset of gratitude…

     My mama at age 84 doesn’t drive anymore.  She is dependent on one of us to take her to the store, the doctor, or church.  Her world is small.  Many days she spends alone in her little condominium with her only outing being a short walk out to the mailbox and back. A good day is when a neighbor is out at their mailbox and they stand there and chat with her for a minute or two.  The best days are when I, or one of my girls with her great grandbabies in tow, or one of my other siblings, comes for a visit. 
     On one of those days I sat across from her at the table, filling her pill box with that weeks medication, when her doorbell rang.  When Mama lost her desire to cook and became disinterested in fixing herself something to eat altogether the nurse suggested we sign her up for “Meals on Wheels”.  Each day at lunchtime, a hot, well balanced meal is delivered by a friendly volunteer. That day, I watched as Mama answered the door with excitement, exchanged greetings with the volunteer, then eagerly brought her meal to the table.  As I sat across from her, Mama bowed her head, her lips moving silently and gave thanks.
My continuing gratitude list #352-364
-a day with my grandson and a friendly neighbor who let us access the creek via his backyard

-the painting I won in a giveaway from Homespun Heart came in the mail…it’s scriptural message is one of my favorite verses

-family dinner at my oldest daughter’s house…turkey noodle soup with homemade noodles!

-another gracious dinner invitation and wonderful fellowship with new friends

-my Mama’s wonderful doctor

-provision for a bill my youngest daughter was concerned about

-a day with oldest granddaughter…getting our nails done together, cooking dinner together

-a beautiful sunny, warm day off with hubby

-cheery phone calls

-baby granddaughter’s first sleepover at our house!

-breakthrough in my own spirit

-fabulous worship and a great message at church, followed by dinner with old friends and new friends

-a hubby who steam cleans our carpets

Gratefully yours,


  1. What a precious post Elizabeth....I wish I lived closer I would visit your momma! She sounds so sweet and I LOVE to be with the elderly as does my son!

    Your grateful list is inspiring and I know you will have a blessed week!

  2. Your list brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing, I am saying a prayer for blessing in you and your mother's life. You have blessed mine.

  3. I love your list, but I really love the story about you mom. Cherish all those moments with her and be blessed. Love, Angel

  4. I love your list! My parent's are aging and I live very far away. I try to get back every few months, but it is a challenge. Your list brought tears to my eyes and makes me more thankful for my parents. Thank you! Have a blessed week!


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